Top 10 Homesteading Blogs

Homesteading is quickly turning into a very popular lifestyle in these modern times.

Genuine homesteaders come from all backgrounds, ages, and family sizes.

They originate from every walk of life – from scientists to city-slickers to hippies.

They live on the tops of mountains, prairies, and even in cities. Homesteaders are known to be humble, sincere, and truly dedicated to their organic lifestyle.

Here are 10 inspiring homesteading blogs that offer a wealth of information about the authentic homesteading way of life – in no particular order:

1. Our One Acre Farm

Our One Acre Farm is a blog that offers advice on organic cooking and recipes, backyard farming principles, wildlife, wild edibles, and chicken habitat protocol. Other homesteading topics on the site include juicing and how to make homemade treats.

One Acre Farm

2. Little Mountain Haven

Little Mountain Haven is a great resource to learn about permaculture, eco-friendly gardening tips, mountain living, and how to parent on a homestead. Some homesteaders choose to experiment with permaculture and winter gardening in order to grow heirlooms that will help conserve seed genetic diversity.

Little Mountain Haven

3. Solar Homestead

This blog revolves around the concept of “going solar” and offers advice on a wide range of various energy saving resources such as off the grid electricity, wind and solar power, and energy saving appliances. Building and living off the grid is no easy task. Here you’ll find helpful information on these complex subjects along with information on aquaponics and how to raise chickens.

Solar Homestead

4. Voice from the Bush

This interesting blog offers advice to homesteaders on how to smoke meat, container gardening, wild foraging, and the teachings of ‘First Peoples from the Americas’ regarding honesty, bravery, respect, humility, truth, love, and wisdom.

Voice From The Bush

5. Earthworms and Marmalade

Topics from this fun blog include organic cooking and preserving, gardening tips, craftiness, and wholesome family traditions from two Texas sisters just learning and sharing their experience as they follow their journey of self-reliance.

Earthworms and Marmalade

6. The Backyard Farming Connection

Homesteading and backyard farming are a growing lifestyle for many people. They’re making the conscious decision to live in a more respectful manner with the earth through farming, crafting, gardening, and cooking.

The Backyard Farming Connection

7. Attainable Sustainable

Native cultures never seemed to have a problem with sustaining the natural ecological balance of nature. They cleverly used their resources on hand relative to their region and wasted nothing. This blog captures that forgotten spirit by talking about topics such as gardening, poultry, food preservation, DIY, and small changes that make a huge impact.

Attainable Sustainable

8. Urban Homestead

Urban Homestead is a ‘forward thinking’ blog about urban homesteading, simple living, biodiesel concepts, and information on a transformational Outreach Program.

Urban Homestead

9. Montana Homesteader

This is a blog to help people make the giant leap towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle on various subjects including garden planning, beekeeping, filleting fish, and solar energy. In other words, it shows people how to return to a simpler way of life.

Montana Homesteader

10. Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News is the quintessential homesteading blog. Topics include organic gardening, natural health, livestock, DIY, renewable energy, eco-friendly homes, green transportation, and general homesteading tips – a classic blog and guideline to clean, green living.

Mother Earth News

Living entirely off the grid is attainable, although not easy. And for those people who don’t have definite plans to live off the grid entirely, they’re still making a remarkable difference to both their communities and families with every step they take.

A few homesteaders embrace the latest innovative technology together with the old and attempt to put a unique spin on a traditional idea. They depend, to some extent, on the external world – perhaps for technology, schooling, groceries, or electricity. Many are adventure seekers and are simply willing to learn and progress.

What other Homesteading sites do you regularly visit?

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