7 Tips for Off the Grid Living

There is no blueprint for all but there is a deep history of experience to draw from for off the grid living dating back ages.

Off the grid living is seeing a resurgence in publications online and offline today so more information than ever is available the moment you need to expand from the basics.


  • Start With The Basics

The first tip: Less is more (in the beginning). If you are embarking on a life off the grid start small.

Take only what you need to live and then move on to learning tips, tricks and processes suited specifically to what you encounter.

You may find only one tip below suits your definition of the basics. Develop according to your needs.

Brainstorm a basics list then subtract. Brainstorm more.

Subtract more.

Repeat until you have an easily attainable minimized list to start a new life.

Build your first bug out bag.

  • Manual Laundry

There are many ways to wash your clothes off the grid.

Some hook up regular washers and dryers to their solar power.

Others prefer to escape industrial age clothes washing all together and utilize hand crank methods as well as old fashioned scrubbing with a washboard.

Hand crank methods can range from a bucket with a hole and a plunger to well crafted authentic designs.

There is also the method of simply boiling a giant vat of water over a fire and soaking dirty clothing. For drying clothes nothing beats a clothesline and sun.

In winter months, many set up retractable clotheslines or folding devices indoors.

  • Storing Solar Power

Newcomers to solar power often no idea how to store power collected from the sun.

People tend to assume it is not possible to effectively store up the sun’s energy from the day.

Solar power pioneers know the answer can be as simple as a car battery.

Running alternate currents from direct solar power and solar power stored on a car battery is the cost effective and reliable way to power a small residence without depending on the grid.

Learn more about Solar Power here.

  • Rocking Out Off The Grid

For undiscovered rockstars and environmentally conscious world famous rockstars, as well as musicians of all kinds, creating a dedicated solar power system for musical equipment such as amplifiers is the smart way to go.

Rock out off the grid with a stack of car batteries, solar panels and equipment wired for the current.

Make some noise in the wild with a rig that doesn’t rely on the status quo for power.

  • Rainwater Collection

Do you know about collecting rainwater?

A rainwater collection funnels this valuable resource into environmentally sustainable water use around the home and yard.

Landscaping is an excellent way to use rainwater while avoiding the grid’s water supply.

Rainwater is also commonly used to supply livestock if you expand into small scale livestock farming.

A clever and beautiful use for rainwater takes its form as a rain garden which are becoming popular off the grid.

Here are two more tips before you get off the grid.

  • You Will Need Lots Of Tools

The headline says it all. If you are going to live off the grid, then you can never have enough tools.

Make an inventory of your tools.

Find out what you have so will know what you need.

Ask friends for unused tools sitting in garages and attics.

Yard sales are a great place to pick up any number tools you may not even know you need yet.

  • Biodiesel Generator

Finally, if you are going to live off the grid consider investing in a biodiesel generator.

Off the grid living requires a power generator from time to time at the least.

Biodiesel generators greatly reduce carbon emissions and the fuel actually helps generator engines run smoother.

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Do you have any other tips you would include?

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