Off Grid Living: Why It’s so Hot Right Now

You would be lying to yourself if you say that not once did the fantasy of living off the grid dance around your mind.


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Sitting in an office with humans more mechanical than the machines, always under the radar and scrutiny of the clients and colleagues, wouldn’t you want to just take a retreat and get back to the nature?

Getting rid of mobile phones, no more annoying emails, no social status to live up to, no more taxes to pay, this feels like the ultimate dream of every corporate employee, doesn’t it?

Well the good news is that living off the grid is no longer just a dream.

People have broken the glass roof and have decided to get back to nature and enjoy the life.

But what makes living in the wilderness so attractive to common man?

We all imagined a high tech world in future and now that we actually are in future, why does our survival guide include going back to nature?

Has this tech savvy world turned us all into secret preppers?

But being a little proactive has never hurt anyone. So what makes living off the grid worth it?

Living off the grid doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the luxuries of life; you don’t have to become a hermit.

It merely means you should be prepped for any incident and lead a life simple and free of unnecessary baggage.

Living off the grid is more than just taking a pair of clean clothes, few energy bars and your dog and driving off.

It is actually a mechanism to bring you back to the true essence of human life.

The idea of self-sufficiency and independence along with helping Mother Nature and her inhabitants is a drug that takes you on a high unparalleled to any.

Giving up on electronics and having a constant connection with the world does seem like an impossible feat at first but imagine a world where your hands are not tied to your mobile phone and your eyes are absorbing the beauty of the nature instead of the content of your email.

Not a worry about competing with others, you get to live a life where you can go fishing any time you want, go hunting any day you want and carve the wood in any shape you want.

ron swanson

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If you are a fan of Ron Swanson, I am sure we had you at fishing.

But it’s not just Ron Swanson, living off the grid seems tempting to everyone who feels like a corporate slave with unnecessary burden on his shoulders.

Where digital art has welcomed minimalistic designs with open arms, living off the grid encourages you to incorporate minimalism in your life and make the most of what you have, making you a prepper in its stead.

Downsizing your needs you would not need to worry about all the extra stuff in the garage, all the extra money for fancy gizmos to decorate living room and any and everything that doesn’t affect your living directly.

This is what heaven would be like.

Living off the grid helps you make your own survival guide.

You get to have your own garden where you can grow vegetables and fruits for yourself and the ones with you.

Completely organic and healthy diet, combine it with no city pollution and healthy environment where you can go running, camping or just wander aimlessly blessing your lungs with the fresh atmosphere and you get the ultimate experience of life.

No more getting stuck in the traffic jams, no more worrying about mortgages and especially, no more worrying about getting the right coffee for your boss.

You can just take a retreat back to nature and forget about these materialistic issues.

Living off the grid is not just good for you as an individual; it is good for you as a family.

Being more than just a survival guide, it brings a family close as you get to spend more time with each other and work as a team for things as basic as cooking food.

You get to know the hidden side of your family members that you could only find if you accidentally stumbled across their social media profiles.

Every person has a story inside of him, an ocean of untold mystery that will leave you in awe.

Get to explore that and see how life gets ten times better.

Financial relaxation and unconditional support of the family; this automatically leads to great decrement in anxiety and stress automatically making you happier and healthier.

Sounds appealing, does it not?

Living off the grid seems to be the ultimate solution to the distress and unnecessary depression caused by the fast life.

We might have turned the world into a global village but in its wake, we have suffered the blow of becoming machines as well.

You only get to live life once and if you didn’t live it for yourself, ask yourself, was all the trouble worth it?

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