The 5 Best Concealed Carry Tips for Responsible Gun Owners

gun concealed carry cover

Now that you have decided to begin carrying a concealed weapon, you will want to do this in the safest manner possible. Your point is to protect yourself and your family from negative outside influences, so you do not want your weapon to be a detriment to your safety, and it doesn’t have to be. You can carry a concealed weapon and prevent unfortunate disasters from occurring. The way to do this is to follow these five best concealed-carry tips for responsible gun owners such as yourself.

Tip #1: Practice Wearing Your Concealed Weapon Around the House.

wearing holster

People who receive this advice opt not to take it because they believe it is silly, but this tip is actually very important because it allows you to become accustomed to the feel of the holster before you go out in public. Therefore, before you take your first step outside with your new concealed weapon, wear it around the house first. Be conscious of how it feels when you sit down and stand up. Notice when you make movements that cause the holster to shift. This preparation will help you find the best way to wear your holster when you are out in public so that there aren’t any embarrassing scenes.

Tip #2: Practice Wearing Different Types of Holsters.


You may find that you don’t like the way your holster feels. The simple solution to this problem is to purchase a new holster. You have many options, so try wearing several different holsters until you find one that is the most comfortable for you. The holster is so important that you may wish to find the right one before you purchase a firearm. Those who ignore this tip find that they would rather leave their concealed weapons at home because they don’t enjoy how their holsters feel. This will not happen to you if you choose the right holster before you start wearing it in public.

Tip #3: Don’t Touch Your Weapon.

People who do not follow the first tip will also break this third tip. It’s very important that you do not touch your weapon because if you do, others will be aware of the fact that you are carrying a concealed weapon. This occurs most often because people aren’t used to how the holster feels, and they can’t resist the temptation to constantly adjust it. When you believe that your holster is out of place, you must wait until you are in a private area to readjust it so that you can avoid accidentally exposing your weapon to other people.

Tip #4: Practice Drawing Your Weapon at Home.

You cannot perform too many practice maneuvers with your new gun and holster, so make sure that you practice drawing your concealed weapon from its hiding place in the safety of your home. If you have never done this before, it will be very awkward for you when the need presents itself out in public. This can lead to mistakes that can turn out to have unintended consequences in the end. To prevent this, make sure that you are comfortable taking your gun out in every possible situation. Also, practice these movements when you are wearing different types of clothing because it is going to feel one way when you are wearing light summer clothes and entirely different when you are wearing a heavy coat.

Tip #5: Don’t Tell Everyone That You Have a Concealed Weapon.

It will not be necessary for you to conceal the fact that you have a weapon if you are telling everyone that you are carrying it, so don’t do this. Of course, you will want to inform your spouse that you have a concealed weapon along with close friends and family, but this is information that the rest of the public shouldn’t know. If people who wish to do you or your family harm learn that you have a gun before you are ready to tell them yourself, they could obtain the upper hand. Prevent this scenario by keeping your concealed weapon a well-guarded secret.


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