Bug Out Bag – Selecting a Gun for Your Bug Out Bag

An article for guys and gals that need their guns to survive

Bug Out Bag – Selecting a Gun for Your Bug Out Bag

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When preparing your survival kit, you will need to make the decision on whether or not you wish to have a gun in your bug out bag, and while there are many disadvantages to having a gun in your wilderness survival kit, there are tremendous advantages to having one for your urban survival (primarily as protection).

However, regardless of whether or not you are going to use your gun for wilderness survival (being that you are going to hunt with it) or for tactical uses, you need to know how to select a gun for your bug out bag.

Here are a few considerations.

Can the gun be concealed easily or does it require that you carry outside of the pack?

One of the key considerations when you select a gun for your survival kit is whether or not the gun can be concealed.

From a tactical position, you will want to have a gun which does not draw attention, especially in situations of governmental/ martial law.

From a survivalist point of view you may want to opt for a rife as you get a better range and can hunt (to some extent) more efficiently your game.

In either scenario, you must consider that whichever gun you choose, you will have to carry it.

So, for those of you whose bug out plan involves covering a great deal of space, get a smaller gun or ensure that you can carry a rifle with minimal physical strain.

How is the gun made?

Just like every other piece of equipment you have in your survival gear, you need to make sure that the device is a quality product.

Do not buy some cheap gun whose firing mechanism will break after a few uses or one which constantly needs maintenance of another sort just to keep it functional.

Of course, you will want to have oils and a gun cleaning kit in your survival gear to keep the gun you choose working in peak condition, but you do not need to be spending the majority of your time maintaining your gun, you need to spend your time surviving.

How big is the ammunition clip?

Guns need bullets.

If you have a rifle which only stores a limited amount of bullets (for example a classic bolt action gun) then you need to consider how many bullets you will require, how they will be stored.

And what (if anything) you are going to do when the bullets run out.

If you are packing a gun for urban survival, it is recommended that you pick a gun which is a common caliber.

Doing so will maximize your chances of being able to restock your ammunition  when your supply runs dry.

What gun can you use proficiently?

There is a real big difference between the gun that you want to use and the gun that you can use.

If you cannot aim and shoot the gun of choice with a level of proficiency and accuracy, then what is the point in having the gun?

The gun you choose should be one that you have already used and have a firm confidence in using.

You should not buy a gun (even if it is the exact same make and model of another gun) and never get use to firing it.

Much like a thumbprint, every gun fires differently.

Can your gun be used for other purposes?

It may sound a bit crazy, but you need to ensure that the gun you chose can be broken down and used for other task once its function as a gun ceases.

Let us face it, your bullets are going to run out, the trigger may become jammed, the barrel may split, the spring mechanism may go out, or a number of other issues.

Once your gun cannot be used primarily as a firing weapon, can you either:

  • Replace the defective part
  • Gain more ammunition for the gun of choice
  • Customize the gun to fit another caliber of bullets which are available
  • Use the parts of the gun for firecraft (the steel) or otherwise use it for your survival

If you find that the gun you selected for your survival gear only has one purpose (being that of a gun) and cannot provide any additional benefits, then it would behoove you to consider a different gun.

If you choose to keep the gun that you have you need to ensure that you pack elements for the gun to keep it maintained such as:

  • Springs
  • A cleaning kit
  • Oil
  • A barrel file

Pick functionality over branding

If you are going to have a gun in your pack it is critical that you pick one for its functionality.

Granted a Smith & Weston is nice, but will it serve your purposes?

A 9mm may be easier for you to fire but will its function justify you packing it.

You gun is NOT your primary survival tool

Where it may be misconceived to be such, your gun is not your primary survival tool and so the space in your bag should not be allocated primarily to the gun.

Focus your efforts on the main essentials which are food, water, shelter, clothing, and heat.

You will also need to have at least a knife, preferably two, as well as a hatchet or small axe for your survival kit.

Pack it safely

Do not kill yourself by packing your gun locked and loaded with the safety off.

Your gun is a survival tool and should really not be used until you are at your bug out spot. Therefore, keep the safety on and the bullets out of the clip.

Trust me, if someone comes up on you and the gun is in your bag, then they will have fled, mugged you, or killed you before you have time to get it out.

Carry a knife on you for protection or keep the gun at your side.

Don’t put it in your pack where it can go off and shot you.

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