38 Reasons To Stock Coconut Oil

Good Reasons to Stock Coconut Oil

stock coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial kinds of oil there are. Offering a wide variety of health benefits, coconut oil id readily available, very affordable and doesn’t have any unnatural ingredients whatsoever.

Some of the best home remedies include healthy increments of this helpful ingredient, so here are some points for inspiration that might make you want to stock up.

Observe closely, since this ingredient has got to be one of the biggest essentials, when it comes to living off the grid.

Coconut Oil is…

  1. An Anti-Bacterial, it is very effective in killing any bacteria that cause ulcers, urinary tract infections, throat infections, any form of gum disease and other kinds of infections caused by bacteria.
  2. An Anti-Carcinogenic, since it has antimicrobial properties which effectively helps in preventing the spread of any form of cancer cells, while it also strengthens the immune system.
  3. An Anti-Fungal, it can kill any infectious yeast or fungi. 
  4. An Anti-Inflammatory, it can suppress inflammation directly and repairs tissues, along with contributing a large part to the body’s defense against intestinal microorganisms which can cause severe inflammation. 
  5. An Anti-Oxidant, it can protect against any damage and free-radical formations.
  6. An Anti-Parasitic, it has abilities that help it fight to get rid of lice, tapeworms, and other parasitic organisms from the body.
  7. An Anti-Protozoa, it is very effective in killing Giardia, which is a protozoan gut infection found very commonly.
  8. An Anti-Retroviral, it actually shows tendencies of killing HLTV-1 and HIV.
  9. An Anti-Viral, it’s very effective in getting rid of viruses like herpes, influenza, measles, SARS, AIDS, hepatitis, and others.
  10. It Fights Infections.
  11. A Natural oil that has no side effects and causes no discomfort.
  12. Can Improve Nutrient Absorption, it is effective in making minerals and vitamins easily available inside the body, and is easily digestible as well.
  13. Completely Non-Toxic.
  14. There are about a million different uses of Coconut Oil, and some of them have been listed right here:
  15. Different Uses of Coconut Oil
  16. Coconut Oil is very effective for age or livers spots. Apply directly on to skin to make them fade.
  17. It’s a great aftershave and it helps your skin heal after shaving without clogging up any facial pores. It is also very effective for razor burns.
  18. Coconut oil effectually supports hair regeneration, which makes it effective for combating baldness.
  19. Coconut oil can be applied on birth marks; it can also be helpful in aiding the healing process of the skin after a laser or apple cider vinegar treatment.
  20. It can be used as a body scrub, in combination with sugar. Rub the mixture all over your body and rinse off to reveal super soft skin. You can even add in some essential oils for some aroma.
  21. It can be directly applied to a bruise to reduce redness and swelling.
  22. Coconut oil can also be applied to a bug bite to stop the burning and itching sensation.
  23. You can make a great chap stick out of coconut oil; just rub a little bit on your lips to make them plump and soft.
  24. Applying coconut oil to your hair regularly can help you fight dandruff and strengthen your hair. It relieves all the dry skin and moisturizes the hair from roots to tips.
  25. If your baby has a knack of getting some rashy bums, coconut oil can be a great diaper salve. It has no harsh chemicals so that you know it’s safe enough for your baby, just apply small quantity on affected areas and rub it till it absorbs.
  26. When you combine coconut oil with sea salts and sugar, it turns into a very effective exfoliator that is safe enough to use all over your body.
  27. If you are prone to puffy eyes, you can apply coconut oil ender your eyes, on your eye bags or wrinkles to relieve some of the puffiness. Use it on your eyelids in the evenings.
  28. Coconut oil can also be used as a face wash with this simple recipe; just mix coconut oil with equal parts of olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and castor oil, and use the mixture in place of soap when washing your face. Rub on the oil and keep it on for about 2 minutes, then rinse out and pat your face dry (don’t try this treatment if you have oily skin already).
  29. It’s also a great personal lubricant that has no side effects.
  30. It’s a great massage oil!
  31. It is very effective in fighting any skin conditions, due to its anti-oxidative properties, including dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.
  32. Coconut oil is very helpful in relieving sunburns, so just rub on healthy amounts of this oil to the affected areas.
  33. Coconut oil can also act as a completely natural sunscreen.
  34. It can help in healing swimmers ear; make a mixture of coconut and garlic oil and apply on the affected ear 2 or 3 times daily till it starts to get better.
  35. Coconut oil is very effecting when consumed, it can aid the absorption of magnesium and calcium which leads to enhanced development of your teeth and bones.
  36. It’s a great digestive.
  37. Coconut oil can effectively stimulate your metabolism and help in the reduction of unwanted fats.
  38. Coconut oil can increase the fluidity of the surfaces of your lung cells, which enhances their functioning.

With all this is much more, coconut oil will be a miracle natural ingredient in household, which can keep you safe, healthy, and far away form a lot of harm!


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