10 Tips to Help You Escape a Riot


riot 10 tips

Whether you think that you need to prepare for a riot or not, you should always know a few basic ways to escape if one ensues around you. Almost every prepper or survivalist will tell you that the best way to escape a riot is to not be in a place that will obviously be susceptible to one. Unfortunately, there are some instances that cannot be helped. Just a little food for thought is that if you live in a city as opposed to suburban or country area, you are more likely to encounter riot scenarios.

1. Keep Calm!

keep calm

Riots typically occur because several people have become overly excited and angered over a common situation. When you notice that the conversation is getting too heated too quickly, you may want to calmly start looking for and moving towards an exit. If you get scared and freak out, you are likely to aggravate the crowd even more than they already are.

2. Get Indoors!

While it is important to get indoors and away from the crowd, you will want to choose wisely on where you go. If you are close to local stores or political buildings, you will likely want to steer clear of those. Being that most rioters will have their own political opinions, state and government buildings can quickly become overrun with the exact situation that you are trying to get out of. Stores will likely have looters and people who have no qualms with hurting you for what they want and think that you are trying to take. If you can get into a home, that will be your safest bet.

3. Cross Your Arms!

This may sound a little absurd, but having your arms crossed over your chest and midsection could actually save your life. Not only do you have a buffer between you and the other people, but you have something between you and your vital organs. If violence ensues and you are either stabbed or pushed into a sharp object, you would much rather it be your arms than your lungs.

4. Baby Steps will get you Out

Believe it or not, taking small steps will get you further than trying to leap and run over people. When you take baby steps, you are more likely to find sure footing. If you happen to slip and fall during a riot, you can easily be overlooked or trampled. People typically will not be paying attention to the ground in these situations.

5. Fetal Position

fetal position

If you do happen to fall down, ball up! Yes, you will get stepped on, but it may be the only thing that saves your life in the long run. Stay in the fetal position until you are positive that you can quickly regain your footing and make your way to the exit.

6. Go Up Wind

Whether the riot is government related or not, more than likely police and other government officials will be called in to handle the situation. If officials get called in, they will likely have gas to spray on the crowd. If you are traveling up-wind, you are getting yourself away from the crowd without putting yourself in direct line of the traveling gases.

7. If you can’t Beat them, Join them

I know that you don’t want anything to do with this situation. You are simply looking for a way out. If you blend in with the crowd, you are more likely to make it through the situation unharmed. By yelling the same obscenities as the rioters, they will pay you no mind as you make your way towards the closest exit. While it may be hard to cheer for something that you do not believe in or agree with, it may be what saves your life in a SHTF scenario.

8. Be Prepared

Any time that you are going somewhere with a large crowd, you will want to know where the closest exit is, multiple routes to get to it and stay as close to it as possible. topsecretplanBy keeping a shorter distance between yourself and the exit, you are less likely to be trampled than if you put yourself at center stage. You always need to remember that big crowds can bring big problems.


9. Be Aware

Pay attention to what is going on around you. This cannot be said enough. If you are aware of your surroundings, you will notice a change in the attitude of the crowd. If you believe that trouble is soon to come, you should start making your way out.

10. Do not Discharge your Weapon

It may seem like a good idea to fire your gun into the air or spray the people around you with pepper spray, but that is NOT the case. If anything, this can cause the crowd to get even more angry and dangerous than before.

You cannot think that you are the only one holding a weapon, and you cannot believe that only the good guys are holding the weapons that are there. If you pull your weapon, you need to be ready for the repercussions.

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