10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be a Prepper

We all know the many reasons why being a prepper rocks. However, there are some downsides as well. Here are just a few reasons why it sometimes sucks to be a prepper.

1. You can’t leave your house without thinking about escape routes.

Is that a through street? Where does this alley lead? We are constantly thinking about long and winding paths out of our areas just in case the other twenty are blocked.

2. You can’t see an animal without wondering what it tastes like.

From lizards to mountain lions to Siberian huskies, you can’t help but make secret predictions about taste and texture. Surely they can’t all taste like chicken?

3. Getting weird looks from auto mechanics when they see your supplies.

Why is it odd to keep a spare tire in your trunk but not blankets, water, and a week’s worth of MREs? If you’ve ever picked up your car and gotten the side-eye, you know what I mean.


4. No one likes your gifts.

Maybe your sister didn’t appreciate the slingshot you made for your toddler nephew’s birthday. Perhaps Grandma isn’t thrilled with the Gillie suit you bought her for Christmas. One problem with being a prepper is that you discover so many cool items and skills that the mainstream just don’t appreciate.

5. Convincing yourself that you actually enjoy freeze-dried food.

Rotating the food stores means eating a lot of freeze dried food. Let’s face it: fresh grilled venison beats dried beans any day. You know you’re hardcore when dried green beans start sounding tasty.

6. Being woken by discourteous animals.

From middle of the night squawking to early morning crowing, chickens just have no respect for human sleep habits. Other pets seem just as impolite. For some reason, all animal emergencies must occur at night.

7. Storing your supplies.

We all know the trials of prepper storage. You aren’t truly a prepper until there are cases of ammo under your couch and bags of freeze dried food in your linen closet. You get bonus points if you have sheds to hold the overflow from your other sheds.


8. Power outages interfering with your survival blogging and forums.

Is the power out again? Is it worth firing up the generator to finish your discussion on new used for 5 gallon paint buckets? The answer is usually yes.

banner9. Dealing with people who don’t get it.

People who wouldn’t hesitate to save in a savings account act like putting away food and supplies is a special kind of crazy. We all know that they will eventually realize the crazy guy down the lane was right… but that doesn’t make things any less awkward right now.


10. Secretly wishing for TEOTWAKI just to be able to say “I told you so.”

The time will come when everyone realizes we were right. That time isn’t right now, though.

One thing that doesn’t suck about being a prepper is the sense of humor. We are all experts at laughing both at mainstream society and ourselves. That sense of humor is one of the most important things to keep in your stockpile.


What else would you include on this list?


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