A year off grid in my roundhouse with Kris Harbour

Just an update of the roundhouse after living in it for about a year from Kris Harbour. We’re going to go over a couple of our favorite pictures of Kris’ house, a brief description of the features and include the full video down at the bottom for you to enjoy.

Walking up to the house, here’s what you see…. It looks like a pretty normal house from the outside, right?


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Upon entering the house you see… it kinda reminds me of the log cabin my family used to go to on our family vacations when I was a little kid. You know, the one with the bunk beds, the outdoor toilets and the lake!

Inside my roundhouse

Many people wonder if people who live off-grid have running water. Yes, there is running water… You’ll need to learn quite a bit about setting this up, but once it’s set up and running you can set up a system to collect rainwater and filter it to be used as running water for your place.

and a video walk through of the house…


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