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Why Rabbits Are Important to Survival

Why rabbits are important to survival

How to keep your game resource plentiful

As a prepper, you are focused on keeping your food and water in ample supply not only to survive a catastrophic event, but to sustain you after the event. Yes, you want to be able to survive, but you do not want to have to go from day to day in the extreme survivalist mode.

You will need to have a means of constant water and food. Finding a natural stream will solve most of your water needs. Rabbits can solve the majority of your food requirements. Here are a few ways in which rabbits are important to your survival plan.

As food

As a food source, rabbits are one of the most reproductive and replenishing supplies available. I am sure that most of you have heard the expression “going at it like rabbits”. There is a reason for this. Rabbits can have a litter once every 31 days.

This means that if you have a litter of 12 rabbits that the amount of rabbits in a year would be about 144. Now, keep in mind that the litter will be able to have their own littler and so the number is vastly increased. So long as you keep a pair of rabbits (male and female of course) you should be able to have a substantial amount of meat.

Where you can keep only a pair of rabbits and survive, it is advised that you have a few pairs. You will not be able to control all the circumstances and you will not know when and if a rabbit will become diseased and die, have worms (as it is typical that they have them during certain months), one kills the other, etc.

By having a few sets of rabbits you can do a sort of quality control.


With other smaller animals, I would not be so keen to skin and keep the pelts as it would take forever to have enough skins to make anything useful.

However, because the rabbit reproduces as a very quick pace, the skins can be treated and stored and then used for clothing or for blankets.

As the fur tends to be of a thick soft density, the hides are ideal for regions which have cooler temperatures.

From the mobility and relocation standpoint

Ideally, you will have your own bug out spot or bug in spot prepared with livestock or some form of sustainable food and water. But depending upon the circumstances, your bug out spot may not be available. This means that you will have to find a location on the fly.

Where it would be a bit noticeable if you were to lead Bessy the Cow or Gomer the Goat down the road to your location, a set of rabbits can be concealed in small carry case.

Yes, you will have to construct a cage for the animals once you get to a location, but at least you will not be starting from scratch.


One of the biggest advantages apart from the food resource that rabbits provide is their poop. Rabbit manure can be used to fertilize your garden and vegetation.

Do not go overboard with it, especially in the wild as you do not want to draw predators into the area. Yet, if you mix the manure with your topsoil and composts, you will constantly have a supply of nutrients for your garden.

Other benefits

Rabbits are cheap to buy and easy to maintain. While there are current laws which restrict the number of rabbits that you can have in a location, this will not be the case in a catastrophic event.

No one will care at that point. Having the food supply already at hand will put you ahead in maintaining a substantial food source.

Rabbits provide a tactical food. Where cows moo and goats bleat rabbits really do not give off much noise. From a tactical standpoint this is a major advantage.

Your food source will not give off your location. Also, due to their smaller size you can hide the animal away from prying eyes. Such cannot be said of a Cow, a chicken coop, or goats. Yes, these animals do provide the Prepper with substantial meat and other resources, but keep in mind that you will want to have food which can be kept away from the public.

Where the other sources generally need to be kept outdoors, you will find that rabbits can be stored (excuse the term but that is the best way to describe it) indoors.

You can also stack the cages in your bug out location to minimize the space they consume while maximizing your food supply.

From a clothing perspective, there are several different varieties of rabbits which can provide you with a selection of pelts. The skins can be used as a natural camouflage (as you can find black and brown mixed and about any white and black combination.

Important Note

Rabbits are a very substantial form of food for the prepper. However, it should be noted that you cannot harvest the meat during all the months of the year as they are prone to worms.

Your best option is to harvest and dehydrate the meat for use later.

If you have to eat the meat during the times when worms are dominant in the rabbits you will need to ensure that you take measures to kill all the bacterium and infection from the meat. Do so with heat and with proper cleaning.

You will need to avoid over population.

Rabbits can quickly get out of hand if not maintained. You will need to regulate the amount of exposure that male and female rabbits have with each other to avoid having too many rabbits which you cannot feed or eat.

Where you may think that you will just let them die consider that the corpses will have to go somewhere. Prep with practical strategies which will maximize your survival and your sanity.

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