When The Grid Is Down – How Will You Cook? – You Will Need This DIY Suvival Stove

You Could Use An Open Fire, But Why Not Conserve Your Wood Supply And Use Something More Efficient?

With the proper wood stove, you don’t have to limit what you eat, You can cook like you normally would do on your electric stove. The stove we are going to talk about in this article is called a rocket stove. This stove design could also be made out metal, but for our survival situation here we are going to go for an easier build using bricks.

This rocket stove is an efficient stove so you won”t have to go out and gather a ton of wood. And since all we need to build it is some bricks and wire screen it’s also fast to get going. And since it will have a nice flat top you will be able to use all your normal kitchen cook ware.

So now’s the time to go gather a couple of dozen bricks so we can get started. It would also be nice to have some larger bricks or slabs for the base. If materials are plentiful, you might consider building the base up a foot or more to bring the cooking surface up to counter height.

Here are the instructions I found for building this stove.

DIY rocket stove

Find some flat ground outside and choose your location carefully. Next, take one of your two small bricks and three regular-sized ones and arrange them atop the two large bricks so that there is one opening on a side. It should be in a U-shape, with the large bricks acting as a base or foundation.

*********MAKE SURE THESE ARE FIRE BRICKS*************

Next, take some wire screen and set it above the U-shape. Your fire will sit on top of the wire screen and the ashes will fall underneath it. Cut the wire screen so that it fits on top of the U-shaped bricks, and then make another U-shape on top of the wire screen and the existing U-shape, using identical bricks. (At this point, you’ll have the two flat bricks at the bottom, with the U-shaped bricks over that, with the wire screen atop the U-shape, and then with another U-shape over everything.

Now, take the rest of your bricks and begin stacking them up over what you have. These bricks should be placed on top of the opening produced by the two U-shapes in the manner that they close off the U, but the center of these bricks (see illustration) must be left uncovered save for the wire screen that will be deep inside the rocket stove – so that smoke can escape and you can obtain heat for cooking.

In short, your rocket stove should now resemble an outdoor, homemade chimney with the wire screen cutting through the bottom. You can make your stove as high as you believe it needs to be, but you don’t want to make it too high or too small.

The next step is to add a roof to your stove. Place another sheet of wire screen over the top of the stove, and secure it with a couple of more bricks or pieces of wood..

Now with your stove built it is time to light the fire. The tinder goes on top of the bottom screen allowing the ash to fall below, and allowing air to come up from underneath.

Now you can put the pots on top and start cooking.

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  1. this is nice but very dangerous if their not fire brick . This really need to be taken down before someone gets hurt

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