Tips for First Time Gun Buyers

What to do before and during your purchase

If you are a prepper and just starting out, then one of the tools which you are sure to acquire is a gun. Yet, for those which have never purchased a gun, the process may be a little frustrating. There are a few things which must be considered prior to and during your purchase. Here is a list of the top considerations you need to have in line before and during a gun purchase.

Tips for First Time Gun Buyers – Before you Purchase a gun

Before you purchase a gun, you need to select the gun which is appropriate for you. Now, if you do not have a gun then you will need to find a way in which to test various guns to find the perfect fit. There are a few ways in which you can do this.

  1. Find a friend that has a few different guns and ask to shoot them. Ensure that the person that has the guns knows what he/she is doing. You do not want to kill yourself just because you and the person that owns the guns thought it would be fun to unload a few rounds.


  1. Go to a firing range and ask if they can instruct you. Typically, you can find someone that will be able to match a gun to your needs, your build, and your ability.

Planning your Purchase

Remember that when you go to purchase a gun that you are entering into a commercial space. The person that is selling you the gun is going to try to up sell whatever they can to get the most profit from you. Do a bit of research on the various guns which are available. As with any commercialized product there are different makes and models available as well as different bells and whistles for each. This does not mean that you have to purchase these things. Do not get bamboozled by the salesman which is trying to get more on their commission and profits.

Once you have picked the gun or rifle that you want, then you need to ensure that you have the proper paperwork in place to purchase the gun. Where Hollywood would make it sound as if you can just go into a pawn shop or a gun shop and slap down a bit of money and get a gun that day, the reality of the situation is that you will have to have your paperwork processed and that the paperwork will have to clear before you can pick up your gun. In most cases this will take 7 days or more. To help expedite the process have:

  • Your gun safety license or a copy of the license
  • Your driver’s license and a secondary proof of Identity
  • The cash to pay for the gun
  • A background Check printout on you

The last point is essential in helping things along. Most of the delay that you will find is a result of the governmental stipulations requiring that all those which purchase a firearm have a background check conducted. Where the establishment may require a new background check, it may not if you have a notarized and authentic source for your background check.

Purchasing your gun

Again, I really want to drive the point home that you will be purchasing from someone that is not concerned with your safety and how you shoot the gun. They are concerned with your dollars and you leaving the store legally with a weapon. That is it. When you go in to purchase a gun, you need to have in mind the type of gun and the features which you will want to have on the gun. Be sure to ask about warranties, different models, and ask about the cost of ammunition and upkeep for the particular model that you select. If you are choosing a Glock or another similar gun which is notorious for not having a safety, ensure that you acquire a trigger lock or another way to ensure that you do not accidently fire the gun.

Gun stores love preppers, for some reason they think that the majority of us are ill informed theorist. This has, unfortunately, led to many gun providers offering over the top guns to those that make it known that they are prepping. Keep it to yourself that you are planning for a catastrophic event. Instead use terms like “I want some extra defense” or “what is your best long range hunting rifle”. You may want to consider stating that “I have a bit of precision training and I want a gun that has a bit more power than a (put gun type here).” The more informed you are the better you will be in getting things accomplished.

It is part of your plan so plan wisely

You do not want to look like a novice when you go to pick out a gun. Look like you have been there before and that you have a firm grasp on weaponry. The worse thing that you can say when you go to purchase your first gun is “I have never purchased a gun before and need a little bit of help” or something to the equivalent. Yes, you can ask questions and yes it is important to get help on a topic if you do not understand what is being stated. However, you do not want to be the target of every sales person that says you must have this and that in order to have a prepper ready arsenal.

TIP: Where gun purchasing does take time and there is usually a waiting period, you can usually purchase your ammunition the day that you go to a store. If you are certain that you are going to get a particular gun, go ahead and start buying up the ammunition for it. As the amount of boxes you can purchase is limited, buying now and later will give you more bullets.


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