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Services for Barter… if things collapse

Services that will be valuable for use as barter (if things collapse)

The top 5 skills that can be bartered in a catastrophic event

In today’s world there is much talk about how people need to diversify their portfolios and gain a financial advantage over the other man. And where this may be true to some effect, there is really not a need for the survivalist/prepper. If one looks at the events that have plagued our society and the globe in the past year, it is obvious that there is more than finances to consider. A person must have a set of skills and must be preparing to live in an economy where the dollar is of no use. Those which have such skills will be able to barter them to meet the demands, essentials, and luxuries if things collapse. Here are the top five skills that can be bartered if things collapse.

Number One: Hunting


If you can hunt and fish then you have a way to barter. Everyone will need to have food but not everyone will have the skills to hunt and fish. Those which understand game trails and can collect enough meat for themselves as well as for someone else will profit from bartering. You will need to ensure that you keep a secretive ambiance. Those which are known to have food and water will quickly become the target of those which are doing without.






Number Two: Medic

When people start to get injured and people start to die, those with medical training will be critical. Avoid urban medic bartering as you will quickly find that your services will become mandatory, especially if the urban area has martial law established. Instead, focus your attentions at a location (not your bug out location) where you can meet and treat discretely. Basic first aid can be bartered for small supplies. However, stitching and critical care should be bartered at a higher cost. It may sound a bit rough, but it will be survival of the fittest and you will have the means to stay fit.

Number Three: Those who can make alcohol

Moonshiners, breweries, and wine makers will find that they will always have something to barter. In a catastrophic event people will do what people have always done in a bad situation. They will get drunk. And while the bars may be filled for a very short time, those which have alcohol stored up and can produce more will benefit. Apart from the drinking, alcohol can be used to sterilize both equipment and wounds, it can be used as an explosive as well as other things. Keep in mind that moonshining is illegal in most states so if you are currently producing it, keep it to yourself.

Number Four: Bushcraftsman

Bug out bags and supplies will only go so far. At some point a person is going to have to replace the tools and the equipment. Unfortunately for most, the stores will have already been looted by this time and there will be no way to get a commercialized product. Fortunately for the prepper/survivalist that has bushcraft skills, you can make something new. Preppers should have multiple tools in order to hone your bush craft skills. Essential to the trade will be your hatchet and arm length axe and knife. Coupled with this, of course, would be your fire craft skills.

Number Five: Communicationswalky talky

If and when things collapse, information will be vital for survival. People will want to know what is going on and what is to be expected. The problem will be in obtaining reliable information. It can be predicted that the radio waves will become saturated with propaganda, especially if the military is involved.
Hersey will be rapid and people will quickly get discouraged with haphazard intel. The key to this bartering skill is to be able to provide the information without giving away that you have a HAM, CV, or other communications device. The best method would be to establish a fictional but believable contact man or woman that you are receiving your information from.

Regardless of you skill be weary

Bartering will only take you so far and you should be very weary when you barter. If a person thinks that he or she can simply kill you and take your stash they will. If they believe that they can hold you prisoner and make you perform a skill they will. Do not believe that this can happen? Look to the holocaust. Jews which were considered to have a skillset were forced to provide that skill to the enemy. Once the enemy learned that skill or tired of the individual, they killed them. Do you not think that in a catastrophic event that the common man will not go to any means needed to secure his and his family’s survival?

Your bartering reputation starts now

Establish yourself as a person that has an asset now. Make yourself the person that others go to for meat, or for information, wine, or any other prepper skill. If you a part of a survivalist group, offer to barter some of your supplies (for example if you have goat cheese or make your own bullets swap someone for blankets and canned food). It is better that you establish yourself now as someone that has a good then to try to do it later. That being stated, do not make yourself a target. When you start bartering ensure that everyone understands that you can hold your own and that you are not to be taken advantage of.

If you lack a barterable skill, then what are you waiting on? Hone your prepper and survivalist skills. Surviving goes beyond having a bag full of supplies or a storage house full of food, you have to be able to ensure the long term sustainability of yourself and your family. And where you may have the skills to do it all, the odds are that you will need a little help along the way.

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