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9 Reasons Society Still Needs Solar Power – Tips for Survivalist

We all know what solar power means, it’s the power that’s obtained by harnessing the energy of the sun’s light rays.

In other words, solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity through two methods.

This can be done either directly through photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly through concentrated solar power (CSP).

If we talk about the benefits of solar power for our society, there are countless, but the following are some of the most important reasons why solar power is so important and in how many ways it can be implemented:

Reasons Society Still Needs Solar Power

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It’s a lot Cheaper

The initial installation of solar panels costs quite a bit.

But do not think of it as an expense, but rather an investment.

Once operational, you will have lifetime savings on your electricity bills.

In addition, it will also provide a way to pay back on your initial investment.


Prevents Global Warming

The only pollution that will occur will be during the manufacturing process of the solar panels, and other than that, solar panels do not contribute to pollution in any way.

Hence, solar power proves to be a prevention method for both air pollution and global warming.


Can be a Big Source of Power for Remote Locations

You know how you always hear about the power shortages and fluctuations of electricity in remote areas because it’s like almost impossible, impractical and uneconomical to install a mains electricity supply?

Solar power is ideal for such areas as it’s cheap and of course due to the fact that sunlight touches every inch on earth is enough to tell you that there won’t be a problem if you install a solar panel in remote locations.

Sunlight is there, Right? That’s all you’re ever going to need.

So unless doomsday finally does arrive, you will have constant access to electricity.


It’s Renewable

You wouldn’t be surprised to know this but solar power is power generated by the sun and the sun goes down at night and comes back up in the day so that’s why its renewable. And it will go on like this as long as life can be supported on earth.

As long as you are sure that the sun will rise again tomorrow, you don’t need to sweat.


No Noise Pollution:

Electricity panels cause a lot of noise and that’s why people try to find homes far away from them, which causes a lot of domestic issues.

Installing solar panels guarantees that there will be no noise or pollution, which means that you can build or purchase a set of solar panels so that you don’t have to face excessive noise, and in the long run, do not contribute to the deterioration of the ozone layer.

Furthermore, noise pollution is also one of the biggest reasons behind global warming, so solar power proves to be an effective preventive method for both noise pollution and global warming.


Maintenance, No maintenance:

Solar panels require very little maintenance since there are no motive parts in solar panels, there are very fewer chances of things to go wrong with a system that’s been installed professionally with the best components.

They are maintained by being cleaned annually which can be easily done by the property owner depending on where they have been installed.


Say Goodbye to Depending on Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are non-renewable fuels so you can guarantee that they are going to run out one day and that’s where solar energy proves that it’s a more suitable sort of energy for off-grid living and long-term survival.

But just for the sake of debate, we can also install many technologies to prolong the lifetime of fossil fuels on earth, though it can get very time to consume and tedious.

So Alternative energy sources really are the future, you just need to start tapping into their resourceful properties effectively.


Long Lasting:

Solar panels are long-lasting and durable, which means that getting them installed for once will serve a lifelong purpose.

With proper maintenance and care, the panels won’t need a lot of upkeep, which is very helpful if you have a busy lifestyle.


It Comes from a Natural Source

The fact that it comes from a natural source tells us enough about that it’s not going to be harmful.

We are human beings and we know that life of any sort is not possible without sunlight. And being able to obtain electricity from a natural source and knowing that it’s unlimited is a blessing from God.

The burning of fossil fuels is a threat the environment in two ways:

  1. It causes global warming and,
  2. It’s non-renewable like we mentioned earlier.

And this should make you rethink your survivalist capabilities objectively. Solar power can benefit us in more ways than we can imagine or that have been mentioned above.

As the world quickly keeps running out of resources and power needed to sustain our lives, we need to start rethinking our disaster survival strategies.







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