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Preppers List : 10 Things To Do Now!

Preppers Food Storage List : Top ten foods to stockpile now!

No matter how many times you’ve heard it, some of you still haven’t done anything to prepare (you know who you are).

I don’t know what else to do. We’re simply here to give you the information, it’s your decision to act upon it. Some of you may feel weird about preparing (I know I did when I first started, so it’s okay).

But please, please start to take action. Here’s a good starting point on things you can do right now. So now is the time to take action and actually start preparing.

Here are 10 things you can do right now that will make you better prepared than 90% of the population. The good thing about this is that everything is available at your local shopping center, so it’s simple to do.


Whether you want to do all ten steps right now, or do a step a week, it’s a good idea to start to do these steps. Getting it done as soon as possible is the best option.

1. Head to the nearest Wal-Mart, Kmart, Costco or whatever and pick-up 20 lbs. of white or brown rice and 20 lbs. of pinto beans. White rice has a better storage life while brown rice has more nutritional benefits – your choice. Or you can order them on Amazon here.

2. While you’re there grab 5 lbs. mixed beans, 5 lbs. of white sugar, 5 lbs. of iodized salt, one gallon of olive oil (can be frozen to extend shelf-life), 5 lbs. oats, 10 lbs. each of white or wheat flour and cornmeal. (All of those links are Amazon links so you can click them to order)

3. Now head over to the canned foods and pick-up 20 cans of canned fruits and 20 cans of canned vegetables. Be sure to buy only those brands and contents you normally eat and nothing exotic. No need to shock the senses.

4. Now over to the canned meats. Pick-up 20 cans of various meats, salmon, stews, spam and tuna. Again buy only those brands with contents you normally eat and nothing exotic.

5. Okay. Now to the to the peanut butter shelf and toss two 40-ounce jars in the cart. The listed shelf life is just over two years and each jar has over 6,000 calories. Peanut butter is an excellent instant survival food.

6. Over to the powdered drink mix – go on I’ll wait…Okay, pick up two 72 Ounce Tang Orange drink canisters (provides 100% of the US RDA vitamin C requirement per 8 oz. glass). Also grab six 19-Ounce Containers of Kool-Aid Drink Mix.

7. Off to the vitamin and supplement aisle, pick up 400 tablets “one a day” multivitamin and mineral supplements. I buy this brand on Amazon – comes in 200 count bottle for $12 each.

8. Now to the department we all love – sporting goods. Go to the camping aisle and pick up 4 five gallon water containers. Fill with tap water as soon as you get back home.

9. While you’re there buy 250 rounds of ammunition for your primary defensive weapon. More if you can, but this will be a good start. Also a good universal cleaning kit.

10. And lastly pick up the best LED flashlight you can afford, extra batteries and bulb. Also grab two boxes of wooden matches and several multi-purpose lighters. Don’t forget to date, use and rotate – remember first in first out.

Let’s get started.

What would you add to the list?

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Steven Swift

Steven has been interested in Survivalist Tips and prepping for years. He wanted to share the tips and tricks he learned with the world to help them be prepared for any type of dangers/emergencies. He is the owner of Sovereign Survival

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Joyce E - September 13, 2015

I buy whole oats, whose hard red wheat, shelled corn, and whole barley at the feed mill. Not only do these items keep a lot longer than, say, Quaker rolled oats but they’re healthier. We do stock three or four varieties of both white and brown rice. We also get ‘baking soda” and diatomaceous earth at the local mill in 40- or 50-pound bags.

Other things? SOAP!!! — both body and detergent. Steel wool soap pads. (Lots of things you can do with steel wool after the soap is all gone.) Shampoo. Extra toothbrushes. Oh shoot — I almost left out bandages and triple-antibiotic cream! The list goes on…

I just discovered that Walmart’s own brand of canned beef is excellent stuff! — good for pasta dishes or what-have-you. It’s solid-packed so you actually get meat, not a couple or three thin slices in gravy. I highly recommend it. .

Joyce E - September 13, 2015

Make that *whole* hard red wheat …

mrsmup - February 10, 2016

2 Gallons of “regular” Clorox bleach. You may need it to sanitize water, clean utensils, clean babies toys, diapers etc. Do not buy the bleach that is thickened/splash proof . It does not sanitize drinking water!

Margaret - April 10, 2016

I would add, at least 3 solar lights, 20 pkg. of 8 toilet paper, 10 shampoo, 10 3-pak ivory soap or soap of your choice, and 10 dish soap, as well as plastic silver ware, and a hand can opener.

Pam - April 11, 2016

Pool shock has a longer shelf life than bleach, and as an added bonus it is more portable. Just make sure you get the shock that is calcium hypochlorite without all the extra chemicals.

Al - April 24, 2016

All those matches – what to use for fire? The cooking oil could make a fire starter or even a lamp in a pinch, but do you want to burn your food for heat? And there are expedient stoves that can be assembled easily from simple components, but I’d rather use toilet paper for its intended use. Need to assemble a fuel source(s) for heat, light and cooking. Piped gas and electric power are vulnerable in a disaster. Or are you prepping for just food shortage?

urthleng - May 13, 2016

A hand crank LED flashlight, a solar powered weather radio, a GOOD fixed blade knife w/ at least 5″ blade, cordage, cover (tent/heavy duty tarp), a folding saw, a wood chopper (I prefer a tomahawk with a hammer pein opposite the blade), a big pot for boiling water, sharpening stones and files and a wool blanket for each individual.

george - July 27, 2016

thanks for info! would be very helpful to know how to sotre our dry goods so they are water and bug proof?

    Jeff - August 17, 2016

    I use regular 5 gallon plastic buckets. But, make sure the lids have an inner rubber gasket ring to completely seal them. I’ve never had a problem with insects using these. You can buy the lids (and buckets for that matter) at

Andy - August 13, 2016

Make sure your cans are the can opener type
and not the pull ring, add a can opener, hydrogen peroxide, ibuprofen, can of bag balm, and a water purifier.

Beverly - August 15, 2016

I usually get more sugar,i try to keep at least 50 lbs, you can make alcohol with it, and in turn create your own medicines, using herbs and things. I would say, learn trades, like how to make your own soap, hire to make lye, his to tan hides, how to make snares, reloading bullets, how to build a cob home, how to build a cob stove for heat and cooking. Many things you can do on your own, I preach to my kids all the time, knowledge is power.

Wendy - August 18, 2016

Don’t forget hydrogen peroxide ( its very cheap and has many uses), and other first aid items and meds. Vinegar is good for canning and some medicinal and also cheap. Bleach helps clean. Seeds for veggies that grow in your local soil.

Sharon Akins - August 18, 2016

You can get food with 25 year shelf life at Basics, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, you got it. Check it out.

Melodee Brymer - August 19, 2016

I’d like to read the article, but ads are covering half of it and I can’t figure how to close them.

Judy O'Brien - August 21, 2016

I agree knowledge is the most important thing…….but it keep it simple. Think about what you really need to survive without government help and for at least six months. How would you replenish water? How would you make it safe to use? Have a practice week camping with your family. Making a gallon of water per person per day last. For bathing, drinking, and clean up. Go camping and bring only what you would have in your storage. Then you will know where your knowledge needs to be strengthened prior to needing it. It is not enough to have dry beans, flour etc in storage if you don’t know how to cook these thing without your electric stove. Don’t rely on your propane BBQ ….how much propane are you going to be storing. Teach your family how to gather the available resources for building a fire that you can cook on. As you learn these things you will learn quickly what you and your family need to learn and what you really need to buy to able to cook on that fire. People really need very little to survive… a sense of humor and determination, food, water, fire and the ability to keep their body at the right temperature.

R Gladden - August 26, 2016

I keep honey. It does not go bad, you can cook with, sweeten drinks, use as a sore dressing internal and external,and use it as an antibotic. I also keep dried home grown herbs and an aloe plant, both for meds and eating. I keep at least 2 LG rolls of duct tape and a tarp.

LINDA mccully - April 18, 2017



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