Important Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About Water Purification Without Reading This!

The chemical combination of one Oxygen atom between two Hydrogen atoms results in the essential compound that keeps this world running. Inherently indispensable, water is essential for human well-being and life cannot exist on earth without it.

In fact, if you look at things thoroughly, even the human body is almost 70% all water.

This should make you realize how important water can be for our survival, but it can be equally harmful too if it hasn’t been properly purified before consumption.

When you analyze unfiltered water, you find that it can have very hazardous compounds and disease spreading life forms.

The Importance of Water Treatment

Water is found practically everywhere on earth and it collects in the form of rivers and lakes which are often polluted and highly unfit for drinking or using in your food.

To be completely fit for consumption, it is necessary that the water should undergo a series of treatments that can make it drinkable.

Water purifiers have been designed to reduce or eliminate a number of harmful pollutants like pesticides, nitrates, organic material, heavy metals and more, along with drastically improving the taste and quality.

There are many waterborne ailments that are responsible for killing hundreds of people globally each year, which include Hepatitis A, Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, Botulism, Polio, Cryptosporidiosis which are usually caused by the alarming number or bacteria, viruses, intestinal parasites and protozoa present in unfiltered water.

Realizing that the water that you are drinking may be posing some serious risks to your health down the line and trying to take steps to counter it is the only viable way of dealing with our water dilemma.

Healthy Reminders 

The de-contamination process kills all the pathogens or renders them inert, reducing your chances of falling ill.

In order to enhance your survival skills, you must understand that even the most basic concepts of water can be suspects. Like most urban dwellers, we have become highly accustomed to just turning on the tap and getting our glass full of drinkable water.

But that tap water usually comes from sources that are highly protected and have been properly and stringently treated by municipal authorities to eliminate all disease-causing ailments.

This water is frequently tested to meet quality standards, while in rural areas; the same need is fulfilled by water from natural resources like springs or wells, which already contain naturally filtered water.

Since obtaining water has become as easy as turning our taps on, we never really consider using water from sources that haven’t been treated. Creating a mindset that makes us deem water as contaminated till fully proved otherwise is not easy.

Purifying Water for Off-Grid Living 

Knowing how to properly purify water when you are living off the grid is a skill that will possibly save your life, considering the number of people dying as a result of diseases spread thorough water these days.

There are many ways to filter water before consumption. When you are trying to live off-grid, a good working system for purification of water is a great addition to your disaster plan.

You should explore different methods of water purification to decide which one you should use for situation and water source.


This procedure requires you to heat water till it starts to boil, while capturing and trying to cool off the hot vapors that are generated and then collecting condensed vapors.

All the impurities present in the water will accompany the rising steam and distillate, which is a process that has been used for water purification for many years.

Reverse Osmosis 

This process requires the water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane that can range almost up to 99% of all the components that were originally present.

This method is more commonly used for industrial purposes, and in practice, a portion of water is selected by the membrane initially to allow rejection of any kinds of impurities.

The polyamide THC membrane is extremely powerful but is very sensitive to chlorine, so try to protect it with active carbon filters.

This doesn’t mean that this process cannot come to your rescue when you find yourself stranded in the wilderness with no access to clean water whatsoever.

UV Water Purification

This can be the most cost effective technology for water purification, along with being a highly efficient procedure as well.

The method allows home and business owners alike to remove a large number of biological contaminants present within their current water supply.

But the more important thing about UV filtering is that it leaves no by-products behind, along with not altering any other properties of water either.

However, even with this process, you’ll need to keep changing the carbon filters regularly to keep yourself safe from any waterborne illnesses.

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