US Nuclear Target Map. Do You Live in The Danger Zone?

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How to Tie a Fish Hook – This Simple Trick Will Shock You

Tying a fish hook can be one of the most frustrating or satisfying things you’ll do while out fishing… it all depends on how you’ve been taught to tie it.

In this short video, you’ll learn a simple trick that has been used for generations that makes tying a fish hook easier than you ever thought possible.

How to tie a fish hook

The first step is to put the first end through the eye of the hook.

how to tie a fish hook part 1

The next step is to pull the two ends tight and leave yourself about 3-4 inches of extra line and then twist the hook while still holding the end.

how to tie a fish hook part 2


You’ll then take the free end, while still holding the line, and put it through the hole closest to the eye of the hook.

how to tie a fish hook part 2


Grab the hook and pull it through.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.35.55 PM


Then cut off the extra end.


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Steven Swift

Steven has been interested in Survivalist Tips and prepping for years. He wanted to share the tips and tricks he learned with the world to help them be prepared for any type of dangers/emergencies. He is the owner of Sovereign Survival

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Norman Coughlan - August 6, 2015

Appropriate learning is simply must! Thanks for your guidance and valuable tricks to just get it done. Nicely explained technicality and the result achieved through sounds pretty more than that!


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