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How to Build an Awesome BBQ Rotisserie Pit for less than $250

Having barbecue at home is one the best ways for us to spend time with family and great friends while enjoying the best foods at the same time. If you have big family and network of friends you’ll definitely need what we are about to show you.

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diy BBQ

diy BBQ


This awesome how to guide to build BBQ rotisserie pit will just suit you perfectly. This simple homesteading project is made of bricks and food-grade drum.

[tps_title]Here’s the video of how to do it (pics will be below the video)[/tps_title]



[tps_title]Pictures throughout the process:[/tps_title]

1) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-3



[tps_title]Our top BBQ Pick[/tps_title]

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[tps_title]2) Step 2[/tps_title]



3) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-5


[tps_title]Step 4[/tps_title]

4) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-6


5) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-7


6) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-8



7) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-9



8) Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ-10


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Detailed instructions:

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Steven Swift

Steven has been interested in Survivalist Tips and prepping for years. He wanted to share the tips and tricks he learned with the world to help them be prepared for any type of dangers/emergencies. He is the owner of Sovereign Survival

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Fernando Astudillo - March 22, 2015

well where is the instructions for this nice grill

Andrew Tsikitas - March 22, 2015

This video does not match with the photos … is there one to correspond to the photographs?

Joseph Primm - March 22, 2015

Be advised, “cinder” blocks do not react well to excess heat! They will crack and potentially explode.

    BornHeretic - March 22, 2015

    This is true (been there-done that), but the fire-pit on this design is below ground and does not contact the lower brick level so it will probably be fine. Keep in mind also that not all CMUs are created equal. I have some high density blocks that weigh about 35lbs and prolonged exposure to high heat has had no effect on them.

Linda Wright - March 22, 2015

I want the instructions for the BBQ shown. I want to build the one using the 55 gallon drum cut in half.

dawn shimek - March 22, 2015

do you have instructions for the rotissiere part of this grille looks awesome

Rebecca Armes - March 22, 2015

Could you please send the information on how to build, dimensions, materials etc. Very awesome idea.

Laura Bush - March 22, 2015

I found the page with material list and instructions:

FireMarshallBill - March 23, 2015

Seriously… those who need exact step by step and can’t figure out what will work or even work better for them should NOT be playing with fire anyway.
A “cinder block is 16″ x 8″ x 6”
Always keep in mind what is available to you and be able to adapt it to fit your needs or your supplies.

    Lowes Man - March 24, 2015

    The standard block is 16″ x 8″ x 8″ actually….less 3/8″ for mortar.

    Anita - March 27, 2015

    @FireMarshallBill……….I love your analogy.

Jim Fedor - March 25, 2015

Block or cmu = concrete masonry units come in may sizes. W x H x L = width x height x length . W x H x L = Women Have Legs to help me remember that . They used a 8″ x 8″ x 16″ gray precision block for this bbq . The thin block used for the footing are 12″ x 2″ x 12″ . Blocks will crack under high heat. I hope this helps some . Jim Fedor

Brian Ross - March 25, 2015

If you need written directions to build this…you have no business trying. LOL.

Smoker - March 27, 2015

This is awesome, especially for people looking for their first significant DIY project. Everyone started somewhere – thanks to those that dug up the instructions!

Darrel Ratliff - April 3, 2015

If these directions are hard go to mother earth news and see several methods to do the same thing using Fire brick or using Fire clay and mold it from that product it is what many a stove or oven is made.. you can use a barrel as a mold to make the fire chamber so that it will not burn out like steel can when the fire is direcly on the metal surface.. it makes a good smoker heat source or a wood fired oven if you use a 55 gallon drum with a 3o gallon drum suspended in middle to allow the heat to transfer to inner drum.. line the drum with unglazed quarry tile to keep even heat..

Gabriel - April 20, 2015

Woow. .
Nice brow. .

Tex - March 8, 2016

As I scanned the article/pictures, I saw the links at the bottom for the instructions and the source of the photos.

That left me wondering why so many people asked for instructions and picture source in the comments, instead of reading through the entire piece.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) was a 1970’s Saturday morning cartoon commercial break fixture.

Apparently, Preppers or Faux Preppers or people in general need to first learn to read, especially before they breed, and definitely before they build anything!

mboyse - May 19, 2017

Nice baking tools bro….


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