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Homeland Security Starting to Police American Towns: Community Outreach to Desensitize Public

Residents of Greenville, North Carolina were alarmed this week after finding armed Department of Homeland Security officers out in full force in their community. Many residents were concerned, thinking there must be an imminent terrorist threat – after all, DHS is a federal agency that’s supposed to protect the country from terrorist threats, so why else would armed Department of Homeland Security agents be in their neighborhoods?

No Terrorist threat, just a Show of Federal Force

According to News Channel WNCT 9 in Greenville, North Carolina, the Department of Homeland Security was not in town because of any specific threat, but was instead letting the community know they were “in the area.”


DHS officials told the news station that they were patrolling the city “as part of their community outreach to let people know that they are in the area.” So here you have a federal agency, in essence, posing as a local police force, in what appears to be an attempt to desensitize the public to their presence.

DHS Raids Small Town in Massive Show of Force

Last week, residents of Livingston, Illinois were surprised to see agents from the Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Patrol and local police agencies swarm a local grade school. The peaceful town of 850 had never seen anything like this, with one resident telling the local news, “When all the armored trucks started showing up and everything it made me kind of nervous.”

The National Police Force

DHS is the third largest federal agency, right behind the department of Veterans Affairs and Defense, employing over 240,000 full-time workers. The agency has basically become a national police force, or a standing army, which has some in congress becoming increasingly concerned.

Last month a bipartisan bill to reform the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) acquisition management was passed through the House. If passed by the Senate, the bill will require DHS to improve discipline, accountability and transparency in acquisition program management – in part, because of the enormous amount of money the agency has spent on projects like militarizing local police forces.

Over the last couple of years, DHS has handed out billions of dollars’ worth of grants and high-grade military equipment to small and rural police forces throughout the United States. From providing local law enforcement teams with mine-resistant armored vehicles straight from the battlefields in Afghanistan, to sending state and local police teams military weaponry, equipment and drones, the rise in military purchases funded by DHS has spurred the militarization of our nation’s police forces.

Stockpiling large amounts of Ammunition

DHS, along with an alarming number of federal agencies, have been stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition. From open purchase orders for over 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for the Department of Homeland Security, to the Transportation Administration, U.S. Postal Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration all placing massive ammo orders, our federal agencies are buying an alarming amount of ammunition. What exactly are they preparing for?

Large-Scale Spying on Americans using DHS Fusion Centers.

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