10 Things Fortnite Can Teach Your Kids About Survival

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the popular epic free to play games available in the battle royale-style games. The game comes with a survival death match that comprises 100 gamers on a map with shrinking playfield and collectible tools. Whether you are a newbie in this game, or just want to improve your playing tactics, these tips will assist you to survive longer and maintain the momentum in a firefight.

10 Things Fortnite Can Teach Your Kids About Survival

Fornite, a 2017 video game that was developed by Epic Games has had a lot of chatter surrounding it. Many parents have voiced their concerned when it comes to Fortnite. However, what many parents and teachers fail to realize is that Fortnite could actually be teaching your child lessons on survival.

So, What Exactly is Fortnite?

Fornite, as previously mentioned, is a video game. It became a major success within the first year that it was released and drew in more than 125 million players. Fornite has two different modes:

  • Fortnite: Save the World – Save the World mode is a basic player vs. environment mode. In this mode the world is wiped out because of a storm and 4 players remain. The object is to survive zombie-like-attacks and collect supplies, guard your home base, collect trap and weapons schematics and to save survivors.
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale – Battle Royale mode takes a very different approach. This mode takes 100 players and pits them against each other. The last man standing, wins. Players scavenge for weapons and resources while avoiding being killed off.

So, you might be asking yourself what can this game teach my children about survival? Well, plenty. Let’s take a look at the 10 things you and your children can learn about survival from Fortnite.

10) Gathering Resources is Vital

In survival, the gathering of resources is vital. Fortnite shows us that we need resources to stay alive. We cannot live without housing materials, food and water and weapons if needed.

9) How to Fix Things

While the game cannot directly show us how to fix things, it shows us that in a survival situation, you will have to figure it out.

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8) The Importance of Schematics

Fortnite can help kids remember that everything has directions and with a little research, these things can be figured out.

7) The Importance of Savings People

While not relevant in Battle Royale mode but prevalent in Save the World Mode, Fortnite can show that in a survival situation you will need to save people.

6) Avoid Largely Populated and Well-Known Areas

Avoiding large populations in suburban areas can save you the hassle of defending your supplies. Find a smaller area to look for helping people.

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5) Pick Your Fights Wisely

In all circumstances, asses the situation before jumping in.

4) Paying Attention is Essential

Fortnite teaches players to always pay attention and listen. Being aware of your surroundings can save your life.

3) Don’t Hold Onto Everything

Fortnite shows players to keep their supplies and resources at a minimal level. You do not need the extra weight. Keep only what you need.

2) The Importance of a High Vantage Point

Fortnite shows players the importance of height. In a survival situation, it is always best to get a high vantage point. This will allow you to see where you are and where you need to go.

1) Utilizing Things You Own

In Fortnite, players can use their camera to peek around corners, not a bad idea in a survival situation either.

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