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10 Skills Every Prepper Should Have

Many conscientious people have begun to take steps to help prepare themselves and their families for a major disaster.

10 skills every prepper should haveThese preppers anticipate the possibility of the world ending as we know it due to events such as war breaking out on American soil, a complete breakdown of technology, the fall of our government or even a zombie apocalypse.

Regardless of what may bring about the end of ordinary life, there are several skills that every prepper should have.

Here’s a checklist of 10 Skills Every Prepper Should Have

1. Weapons and Self Defense

Chances are you have already brought in a stash of weapons to protect yourself and your family in case the time comes when there is no longer any recognized law. This is a good first step, but you need to know what you are doing. Visit your gun range, take some weapon’s safety classes and have your entire family take some basic self defense classes.


2. Learn to Garden

You may have already gone to great lengths to stockpile food items, but eventually your supply will run out. There are many free online classes that can teach you to grow your own food. Start your garden today, and also learn to can your vegetables so you will have access to them all year long.

Aquaponics 4 You


3. Connect With Other Preppers

Don’t wait for tragedy to strike to try and find others who are as well prepared as you are. You can find a great many groups on the Internet devoted to being prepared. Get to know some other like-minded people, and you won’t have to worry about going it alone when the times comes. Remember, there is often safety in numbers.


4. Learn About Edible Plants

Get yourself a thorough book that teaches about edible plants. If your food runs out, you could be forced to forage and you certainly don’t need to give yourself food poisoning by eating a bad mushroom.

Click Here for Books on Edible Plants



5. Home Remedies

Start learning about and using home remedies now to see what works best for you. If a time comes when there are no more emergency rooms to run to when you are sick, then you will be prepared to take care of a variety of issues yourself.

Also, be sure to have an extensive first-aid kit on hand for each member of your family and take a CPR course.


6. Trapping and Hunting

Don’t wait until you are desperate for food to learn how to hunt and trap animals. Buy some traps, but also learn to make them. Learn how to kill the animal as humanely as possible, how to skin it and how to cut it to make the most of the entire animal.

Here’s an article on trapping –> How to Make a Basic Snare Trap with Paracord or Wire

7. Learn to Sew

Have someone in your family take a sewing class and then teach everyone else how to sew as well. Your clothes will need mending, and if you have children, they will continue to grow out of their clothing at an alarming rate just like they do now.


8. Be Handy

Learn all you can about useful trades such as carpentry, welding and soap and candle making. You will be living in a new world where everything can be bartered, and the more you know how to do the more you will have to offer.


9. Raise Animals

If you are in a position to do so, then consider raising animals such as chickens, rabbits and horses. The chickens can provide you with eggs every day, and the rabbits make a great stew. With no other transportation available, a nice horseback ride will look really good rather than walking everywhere.


10. Teach Your Children Differently

Don’t cripple your children by allowing them to spend all their time watching television or playing on their computer.

Teach them how to play using their imagination so it won’t be difficult for them to make the transition when their electronic playthings are no longer available.

With a vast amount of luck, nothing will go wrong enough to interfere in your regular life.

However, if it does, with these skills you will be the one who is ready to deal with whatever is thrown your way.

Learn these skills well, enjoy your life and be secure in knowing you are ready for anything.

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