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23 Best Blog Posts of 2015 for Solar Power – Tips for Survivalist

The history of our energy industry is quite interesting, going through several different phases, advancing at a rapid rate.

Our ability to generate power literally knows no bounds.

There was a time, when human civilizations would entirely rely on coal, the dirtiest sources of energy production.

Fossil fuel served as the foundation for the industrial revolution around the late 18th and early 19th century and shaped the world as we know it.

When the internal combustion engine was invented, it played a huge role in giving prominence to crude oil, which went to replace much of the emphasis on coal.

Humanity was collectively progressing, inventing newer ways to fuel progress, that is, until we discovered the impact we were having on the atmosphere, i.e. global warming.

By the time degradation of our environment became mainstream knowledge, significant amounts of damage had already been done.

Although, hydropower was already a popular way to produce energy, we realized the importance of producing energy through clean and sustainable sources, paving the way for renewable energy as an industry.

Today, we are making exciting discoveries in the field of renewable energy, as resources are being continuously being poured into the technology.

Among the various different ways to produce renewable energy is solar power, the ability to harness power from one of a mighty source.

In fact, NBC recently reported that utility scale solar production has grown around 100% in the previous year alone, an evidence of the amazing rate at which the solar industry is progressing and even changing the world as we speak.

So if you are interested in the solar power industry and wish to keep up with the how the industry is constantly evolving, we have a treat in store for you.

We understand with so much happening globally, it isn’t easy to keep up with everything, hence, we present to you 23 best blog posts of 2015 for solar power.

Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Can’t Stop Renewables Now – Bloomberg

Oil is cheap. So is gas. Neither matters!

The Way Humans Get Electricity is About to Change Forever – Bloomberg

These six shifts will transform markets over the next twenty five years.

The Solar Price Revolution – Project Syndicate

A silent revolution is underway.

The World Needs Post Silicon Solar Technologies – Council on Foreign Relations

A survey conducted by Caltech professor, Nate Lewis, on renewable energies, concluded that out of all the renewable options we have, only solar power could meaningfully displace our consumption of fossil fuels.

Five Things I Learned About the Future of Solar Power and the Electricity Grid – Council on Foreign Relations

The future is nigh and it includes solar.

Germany Solar PV Report — A Must-Read For Any Energy Reporter – Clean Technica

The beautiful aspect of renewable sources is that is completes each other.

Let’s Talk About Solar Power and Equity – Environmental Defense Fund

An encouraging piece for those inclined towards off grid living.

Nuclear will die. Solar will live – Noahpinion

An educated take on the countless possibilities held by solar.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan A Good First Step – Renewable Energy World

Legislating the way for a cleaner and greener America.

Why Minnesota’s Community Solar Program is the Best Design – Renewable Energy World

In this blog we take brief look into the greatest solar program in America.

Solar power propaganda vs. the real world – Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

A realist’s perspective on the solar industry – a highly informative piece, assessing both, the industry’s limitations and advantages without all of the biasness surrounding the industry.

Project Sunroof: mapping the planet’s solar energy potential, one rooftop at a time – Google Green Blog

A quick peak into an ambitious project by one of the most prominent greenest companies, Google.

How Wind and Solar Will Blow Up Power Markets – Green Tech Media

It is no longer a question of “if” but rather when.

Solar and Storage: Better Together? – Green Tech Media

A look into solar production and storage and how it impacts the commercial consumers such as you and I.

Barack Obama’s quiet war on oil – Politico

There is a war going on and oil is silently being targeted, an administrative agenda to make renewables more competitive.

Solar is having a great year, except on Wall Street – Reuters

Despite what is seen on the financial markets, solar, as a means of producing electricity has been thriving.

Super-charge the solar power boom – CNN

Did you know? There is a solar power boom in the United States.

Solar creates hope for our health and future – Reno Gazette-Journal

How solar power can positively affect our health.

Making the business case for solar in NC – The News & Observer

Despite the general perspective that renewables are bad business, solar offers incredible economic benefits for all, including the investors.

Opening The Door To Solar Power For All – Huffington Post

For the longest time, there was a notion that solar panels are only for the wealthy, well, think again.

Utilities wage campaign against rooftop solar – Washington Post

We need to stand up for solar. Nation’s leading utilities seem to be waging a war against solar panels.

Greening the Tea Party – The New Yorker

Solar is booming. Time to green the politicians.

Power to the People – The New Yorker

Power to the people! A battle that transcends the living. Fighting for the generations that are yet to come.

Although, we have tried our best to include a diverse set of blogs all focused on solar power, but with all that’s happening in the world, it is difficult to make sure everything is included in the list.

Therefore, if you think we missed out a great piece, please do share it all of us by posting in the comments sections.

Let’s inform.

Create awareness.

Our future belongs to no one but us, so let’s wake up and march towards prosperity and sustainability.

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