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An Anti-Hunter Trying to Save Ducks Accidentally Gets Shot in the Face [VIDEO]

This duck hunting protester in Australia was wading through a duck hunt in order to save hit ducks. She was then accidentally shot in the face. 

A duck protestor in Australia was wading through a duck hunt attempting to “save” the ducks that were shot down.

A shot at a low-flying duck resulted in her accidental shooting.


Back in March of 2011, these bold anti-hunters decided to interfere in a duck hunt in Australia.

A 14-year-old duck hunter took a shot at a low-flying duck and shotgun pellets hit this anti-hunter in the face. Julia Symons was hit by at least seven shotgun pellets.

Around 150 protesters with the Coalition Against Duck Hunting were out to interfere with the legal duck hunt and “rescue” shot ducks. The woman who was shot was wading in waist-deep water at the time of the accident.

No charges were filed in this case.

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