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8 Signs Youre Meant For Something Bigger On This Planet


Ive known since I was very young that I was destined for big things. I mean really. The first thing I knew I wanted to be when I grew up was the Easter Bunny. And Im Jewish. Now as you cut through your giggles, heres what Im pretty sure I actually meant by that I knew from very early on that societal constraints, shoulds, and rules didnt really mean anything. I could be and do anything I wanted.

And then I found road blocks; or maybe just the speed bumps of life. I kept reaching for more, but encountered fear, doubt, challenging situations, and naysayers. Thankfully, I never stopped believing. I always knew it was possible to live into the vastness of my visions, and become as big as I wanted. Its taken time to align the my beliefs with this truth inside of me so that I could live into my knowing, but its been worth it.

And Im definitely not alone. This beautiful planet is crawling with those of us who want to make a difference; who know we are capable of anything. Some of us are there living it fully, some are in the midst of the dance of taking a few steps forward and a couple of steps back (hint: good old self sabotage; something I know well), and others are just beginning to wake up to the realization that this knowing has been inside of them all along, and its time to do something about it. But no matter where you are, fear not. Often its just the stuff we think gets in our way thats actually supporting us in getting there! So, to prove it to you, Ive compiled 8 signs that point out that likelihood that youre probably meant for something bigger; and that youre destined to get there.

1. You suck at working for other people.

Youre a born leader and you know it. Or maybe you dont know it. But either way, youre just NOT into doing things that arent catalyzing big change. You feel stuck working for others. You want freedom, flexibility, creativity, and expansion, and you just dont feel you can fully achieve that while working for someone else. You know that your vision is worth something, and that getting to apply ALL of your gifts is the only way youll be fully satisfied.

2. You tend to put things off until youre really inspired.

So you call yourself a procrastinator. There is such a thing as self sabotaging procrastination, but if youre meant for something bigger (which, if youre reading this, I have a sneaking suspicion you are), there will also be times when you believe you must get something done because thats what you think is going to get you from point A to point B. But what if you actually thrive off of inspiration, versus obligation?You deserve to be able to evaluate which is true for you in each moment. Is fear holding you back from chipping away at your to-do list? Or is it because youre lacking inspiration. If its the latter, trust that doing exactly what youre inspired to do is leading you to where you need to be. Often that inspiration knows more than we do about whats really possible.

3. As a kid you thought adults who wore suits and went off to work were crazy.

Youve always known somewhere deep within you that there was more to life than living a cookie-cutter, safe, pragmatic lifestyle. You knew you could have a bigger impact on the world if you did it your way, and that your way would involve more freedom and flexibility than those crazy adult-types had. And now, whether youve fully achieved it yet or not, you know that that feeling you had as a kid is utterly true. Youve witnessed and felt what its like to live just as much on purpose in your flip flops as you have your business suit.

4. You love what you do so much youd do it for free.

Heres the irony you deserve to know your value, and the more you begin to charge your full value for the contribution youre making to the world, the more value those you serve will actually receive. However, you know youre on purpose and meant to do big things when you love what you do so much that while youre doing it money is not even on your mind.

5. Youre an idealist. You see the world at its best, and will stop at nothing to get there.

When I was a kid I used to get called an idealist all the time. At first I thought it was a compliment. Id think yeah thats right, it is possible for the world to be that loving and amazing. Then, toward early adulthood I began to get triggered by the word, as if people were saying that I couldnt actually achieve that; that the world wasnt actually supposed to be the amazing place I knew it could be. Now, I could care less what people think or call me. My name is Jordanna, and I am an idealist. By living in my own little world of my vision and my creations, my personal world often actually appears as ideal as I know one day the entire world can be. So really, who cares whats true and whats not if Im having fun and serving others while doing it? Being an idealist doesnt make you crazy, it makes you a creator.

6. You cant always say how you know things, but sometimes you just know.

Visionaries dont usually get their visions from whats outside of them or from what the world tells them they should create. They get their visions from an internal drive to create what feels right for them. That knowing of what they need to create goes hand in hand with a knowing of all sorts of things. Call it intuition, call it gut feeling, call it spidey senses. If you are meant for something bigger in this world, that knowing will keep speaking up and asking you for what it wants. So really, creating big things is not an option when its your destiny. At least, thats what Im pretty sure your spidey senses would tell you.

7. You feel things. Big time.

Most of the clients I work with you are meant for big things in the world tend to feel pretty deeply. You may not have been taught that its okay to feel. You may have been taught, in fact, that your feelings will get in the way of being awesome. Well, lets reframe that. Sometimes our feelings are our TRUTH. Your ability to be big, and contribute to the world in a huge way is dependent upon your truth. So allow your feelings to show up, and to guide you to where you need to be. Your creations depend upon it.

8. Youre more frustrated by having too many ideas than you are by not having any at all.

You tend to get inspired easily. In fact, the more awesome your life becomes, the more inspired YOU become. But sometimes its a bit of a conundrum. You know youre meant to create big things, but if youre not careful you can allow yourself to get stopped up by ALL of the things you want to create, without actually getting anything done. Dont let this get to you. Be grateful that youre so full of awesome ideas. If youre not sure where to start or what to focus on, call upon some support. But dont let your plethora of visions within your vision get in the way.

Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. ~ William Shakespeare

And heres the caveat, I actually believe that were all meant for big things if we allow ourselves to listen to the stirring of our soul. When we let go of perfect timing, and recognize that too late does not exist, it becomes easier to allow that stirring to become a rising up of awesome. Ive coached 13 year olds and 70+ year olds into living their visions. If they can do it, so can you.

What other signs have you seen show up in your life that are calling you to something bigger?




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