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7 Unique Redneck Camping Tricks

As we all are aware, everyone has camping tips. This article is going to give you a couple tricks for those of you who fancy yourself as “rednecks”.

We’ve got your back when it comes down to unique camping tricks.

While some of these will give you a laugh, others will give you an “aha” moment where you’ll say “why didn’t I think of that??”


1. Place Sandpaper on a mason jar lid for strike-able match storage


Find the instructions here.


2. Create outdoor candle sticks for easy, portable lighting


Instructions here.


3. Doritos can be used as kindling.


4. Put frozen water jugs in your cooler to keep food cold with an end result of water!


Instructions here.


5. Create a pocket-sized oil lamp from a travel shampoo bottle


Instructions here.


6. Create travel-friendly coffee brewers from filters and floss


Instructions here.


7. Make your own grill out of a tin can


Instructions here.

Want a full list of these things? Check out the post at Camp Like a Redneck | 14 Unique Camping Tips

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Steven Swift

Steven has been interested in Survivalist Tips and prepping for years. He wanted to share the tips and tricks he learned with the world to help them be prepared for any type of dangers/emergencies. He is the owner of Sovereign Survival

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Stan - February 15, 2016

I carry a 1/2in peace of PVC pipe about 14in long in my pack. Got a cap on one end with a small hole in center of it. (Hole is about 1/16th in.) I blow through one end and aim small hole at the other end @ a hot cole in the camp fire from the night befor. It makes a jet stream blast of air on the hot cole and will cause it to flare up BIG TIME!!! Works perfectly for starting a fire out of an ember (hot Cole, or an ember from a fire bow, or any ember) WORKS EVERYTIME!!!! All you need is an ember. My Father taught me that as a small boy. I’m now 54 years old and carried one all my life in my pack.

Dee Clements - November 14, 2016

Wonderful tips I can do alone!!! ??


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