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7 Things No One Tells You About Successful Survival Skills

One of the realities of life is that a disaster or wilderness emergency can happen to anybody, anywhere.

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However, there are things no one tells you about successful survival skills in such a situation.

Confronted with a survival situation, every man can easily overcome the challenges and victoriously surmount incredible challenges.

Survival means surviving any disaster or emergency, natural or manmade.

Remaining alive at any circumstance you might find yourself is the main reason. Accept your situation and decide to change the odds towards you; remain alive until you have safely prevailed against the state of affairs.

More than anything else survival is a condition of the mind. Here are seven things no one tells you about successful survival skills.

7) Withstand stress and survive any emergency

In case of an emergency situation, your ability to surmount it highly depends on your ability not to be stressful.

Your mind is the best and first line of survival, a tool you should not ignore.

Physical strength is important, but it will not help you handle fear during disaster emergencies.

The way you react to stress will determine your survival more than the nature, landscape or danger presented by the situation.

Being stressful and fearful makes the utilization of available resources impossible.

Your physical advantage will not be of any use in case your mental attitude is wanting and negative.

6) Defeat negatives in your mind and you will beat every odd

Survival emergencies call for a disaster plan and remaining prepared all the time.

However, if you don’t defeat negative imaginations and thoughts you will not survive.

You must remain in control, master every fear and remain positive.

Be as creative as you can by using your improvisation skills to adapt yourself to the current situation.

Nature is your friend; learn to work with it rather than against it.

If you are to solve any problem you must learn to recognize every threat to your survival, severity of the emergency, priority of influence and the actions you need to take to remain alive.

The main enemies in disaster emergencies are fear, thirst, hunger, heat, cold, pain, fatigue and loneliness, among others.

5) Know fire

Chances are you have been using fire all your life but you don’t really know fire. Fire is the perfect survival tool.

It will signal rescuers, warm you up, cook your meals, purify water, comfort and offer light, keep predators away and the welcome companion everyone needs.

It is an essential survival technique.

Fire should always be in your mind before venturing outdoors. Always know at least two ways of starting an effective fire.

Even as you teach yourself off grid living, your emergency supplies must include a few ways to start a fire.

4) Shelter is critical

Through a shelter you can protect the body from losing moisture in the sun, shield from snow, rain and wind while beating the cold.

Remember too much or too less body temperature can be disastrous.

Clothes are your first shelter; ensure you have the right clothes for your current environment.

A hat is important to have around while ensuring the layers of clothes next to your skin are always dry. If nature offers you shelter, don’t waste your energy creating one.

You can practice making a shelter as much as you can as one of your survival skills and disaster preparedness.

Learn how to use nature to create a shelter and always carry a space blanket outdoors capable of insulating yourself or your shelter, as you squat or sit to conserve heat and energy.

3) Alerting potential rescuers

Signaling is a survival skill you need to learn before hand to have a means of alerting potential rescuers just in case of a calamity.

These signals include mirrors, color markers, whistles, flash lights and fire. Three fires created in a triangle is a universal distress signal.

A mirror comes in handy if you can see people or plane at a distance.

Emergency strobe light is perfect at night to attract the attention of potential rescuers close to your hideout.

2) Food and water

Water and food are critical for your survival; always learn to control what you have. This includes rationing your water by taking some in the evening when it’s cool.

You can live for 72 hours without water.

While outdoors, avoid eating plants or vegetation you have no idea about. As you plan a trip or preparing for any eventuality, always assume water and additional food are required.

While hiking, camping or in the outdoors, always pack candy and energy bars in your bag and pockets.

Collect water before hand and do not wait until you are thirsty to look for it.  A space blanket or poly-zip bags can catch rain water if you can lay the blanket inside a trench.

1) First aid skills and kit is important

First aid is not all about medical items but the way you act to remain alive in an emergency. You should never panic; do all you can to take care of yourself.

Adopt the STOP philosophy where you Sit to Think and Observe before you Plan.

While traveling outdoors, having a personal small kit and creating medical checklists before a trip is important.

Always pack what you need and avoid over packing at all times. The most important thing is ensuring you are found in case of a disaster emergency.

You could have a picture of your family, mobile phone, and phone numbers, among other identifiers always with you.

Above all, learning basic survival skills will not just boost your confidence, but will also help you to utilize the survival equipment you have with you. 

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