7 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with being Self Sufficient


Off grid living has never been so great

Survivalists are quick to tell you the benefits of living off the grid.

As a prepper, you will find that self-sufficiency allows then to have the skills needed for off grid living. Both will tell you that there are a variety of reasons why they love to be self-sufficient. 

Apart from being away from the government control and having no utility bill, there are a number of reasons why a person may choose to become self-sufficient.

Here are 7 ways in which you will fall in love with being Self-Sufficient.

1)  You can supply your own food

Produce is one of the most expensive things which plague families. Typically, the food mark up on produce is 70% more than that which is grown naturally.

The reason for this is that you are paying for the defective produce in the sale. Consider, if your market charges you $1 then your actual growing cost is .30.

Now, if you grow your food by yourself then the only costs that you have is for your seeds.

If you do not buy Hybrid plants (which if you do so you need to re-evaluate your survival training as everyone knows that hybrids do not give off any usable seeds).

Survivalists will know that if you can supply and keep your own food then the battle is half one, especially if you have a dehydrator.

Dehydrated foods and meats are a necessity for survival situations and should be implemented by those living off the grid.

2) You are your own boss

Most people have to work to pay for their bills.

Yet, those which are self-sufficient have no utility bills and no grocery bills.

This means that the need to supplement your income is very low and that those items which are needed to be purchased can be done through either bartering out services or from selling a service or a craft.

Do not be fooled.

You will still have to work every day, but you will be working for yourself to survive. You will not be tied behind a desk, but you will have to plant, gather, hunt, fish, collect rainwater, and other tasks needed from day to day.

3) Decrease Commercialism

If you want to make less of a footprint on the earth, decrease your commercialism by becoming self-sufficient.

Those which go off the grid are less apt to buy goods which are non-recyclable.  You will also have less commercialism when working with tools and clothing as you may be able to make these yourself, especially if you are training for a survivalist situation.

What you know in terms of self-sufficiency will go a long way in establishing your independence from commercialism because what is commercialism anyway but people buying goods that they are either too lazy to make themselves, or items that go beyond their creative capabilities.

4) Increase appreciation for nature

As you become more of a survivalist, you will grow in your appreciation of nature. Basically, you will be forced to see nature as the provider of your food and the supplier of your materials to sustain life.

Regardless of the spiritual ties you may or may not have, you will have to concede that nature will be respected around the area in which you live.

If you squander the resources of your environment, you will find that living off the grid will become very, very difficult.

However, as your appreciation for nature increases, your consumption of natural resources will be limited to those which are renewable.

In the event that you have to use a resource that takes time to renew (such as a tree) you will take measure to ensure that you do not wipe out your natural supply (such as planting a new tree).

5) Your creativity is increased

Off the grid living cuts your help line for utility problems as well as a great deal of other issues which may arise.

For example: You cannot really call a plumber to come and fix the problem with a homemade rain water shower system.

Your “issues” will have to be figured out and fixed by what you know. Where some may be a bit apprehensive about this, I would say that this is a benefit for survivalists.

In a survival situation, you will be forced to live off the grid and to creatively have solutions to problems as they arise.

Some luxuries may not be available, and in the event of a government takeover you do now want to have to rely upon them to get you the necessities for living.

6) You increase your lifespan by living organically

Consider all of the toxins and chemicals which are used from day to day by those which live on the grid.

From the food we eat which is drenched in grease and saturated fats/corn syrups to the chemical bleach that we clean with, our lives seem to be nothing but one toxic consumption after another.

It is no wonder that there are so many health issues in the world today.

Living organically will greatly reduce the risk of forming some of these health issues. It has been proven that some organic foods reduce your depression, increase your metabolism, reduces stress, and fights heart disease.

7) You stay physically fit

Finally, off grid living gives you the chance to get that body that you have always wanted.

Forget going on a diet plan or doing a 30 day to great ab workout.

Just go and get you a big log that needs to be moved, a yard that needs to be tilled, gallons of water that need to be redirected, or any of the other numerous tasks which you will perform every day and you will see your body become tone and fit.

Self-Sufficient off grid living is one exercise you will never find Jillian Martin or Weight Watchers promoting, but it is the most effective.

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