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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Aquaponics

Aquaponic systems provide you with sustainable meat and vegetation

Sustainable food is needed in today’s economy. With the cost of food constantly increasing, there needs to be a focus on creating a source on the individual level.

Those which are focused on living off the grid have found that aquaponics is a great method for providing their needs.

However, if you need to have additional convincing, here are 7 reasons to implement this system.

1) The Aquaponics system is a multi-tasker

The whole concept of the system is to combine agriculture with hydroponics. This is done by raising the fish and using their waste to fertilize the plant system.

home aquaponics system

As each plays upon each other, you’re getting the most out of your time.

Meat is provided by the fish and then you get your additional nutrients from the plants. No more need for grocery store trips.

2): Massive Growth in a small area

The Aquaponics system allows you to grow and harvest food in a relatively small space. It has been calculated that for every fish you will need 2 gallons of water.

For every gallon of water you will need ½ to 1 square foot of space for your vegetation.

A 20 square foot system provides you with enough food for a standard size family with enough food to store for later.

3) Low maintenance

One of the top benefits of using an Aquaponics system is that it does not require a ton of maintenance to keep going.

True, you will have to monitor the water levels (PH) as well as make sure that the fish are healthy, but that is about it.

There is no daily weeding needed, no buying of massive amounts of grain, worming livestock, and other activities associated with “traditional” agriculture.


It is true that you will have to have a water system to pump the water as well as an electrical source, but compared to the amount of supplies that will be needed to plant a “traditional” crop and to keep that crop going, you will end up saving money in the long run.

Adding to this the costs which are associated with creating and up keeping a fish farm, and you will quickly see that the amount of maintenance is grossly less.

The system is known as a recirculating system. This means that you fill up the tank and then let the tank and system does all the work.

Yes, you will have to keep the water at a certain level and you will have to occasionally remove a fish that does not make it, but that is a minimal amount of work for the food that you will get.

4) The upkeep is not labor intensive

Those which are looking for a sustainable way in which to grow and maintain a food supply do not want to have to spend the entire day working to do so.

In many cases those who use the aquaponics system will have other tasks to perform to keep them living off the grid happily.

As the systems are at waist level, you do not have to worry about strains on the back and on the other muscles. Aches and pains that typically come from having to bend down and tend a garden are gone. The guess work of cage fishing is gone as you have the fish, quite literally, at your fingertips.

5) All above ground

The Aquaponics system is completely above ground. There are no ditches required, no digging, and most of all no land that must be dedicated to the system (apart from the area in which the system is placed).

Agriculture systems which rely upon “traditional” planting must be overturned repeatedly, have trenches and planting rows developed seasonally and monitored rigorously.

Because the system is above ground, you do not have to worry about any of this.

Simply make sure that your fish are happy and that your water is at the proper level.

Then harvest the results.

6) The system is so easy that a child can work it

I am not saying use child labor, so don’t think that. The system is so easy that any age can use it.

As it is at waist level, both the elderly and those that can reach the tank can do so.

The system requires that you keep the water PH stable. This can be done with simple measures. Harvesting only requires a net for your fish.

As you will have abundance of fish, a child has only to dip the net in the barrel to get food. Your vegetation can be picked just as easy.

7) Food Year Round

Unlike traditional agriculture practices, the aquaponics system provides food year round. It is indoors (most of the time anyway) and so you do not have to worry about the elements.

Neither do you have to worry about climate changes too much.

Exterior crops can easily be ruined with one storm or frost. With the aquaponics system (which is typically installed in an indoor location) you are far less likely to have such issues (unless of course you have your system installed outside in which case you will have a great deal of the same issues as a standard crop). 

Water temperatures can be regulated and if needed you can add grow lights around your plants to ensure that they are getting enough light.

Are you ready to get started?

Getting started is easier than you may think. There are several companies which offer a variety of systems to meet your space requirements. Individual systems typically run a few thousand dollars to set up.

After the initial set up, you will only have to maintain the system (very low cost) by keeping the PH at the right level and occasionally replenishing the water supply.

Your fish will need to be fed with a floating food, but this can be done through an automatic feeder.


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