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7 Reasons Society Still Needs Survival Gear

We are not as self-sufficient as you may think.

survival gear advice

We are a proud people who have the mindset that we are self-sufficient and survivalists. For the most part we can easily figure out the problems which come up.

Yet, even though we can handle some of the disasters which come our way, there is still a need to have survival gear.

We cannot simply hope to wing it when something occurs, and though I would like to think that a great many people out there have the training and skills to survive not many do.

Here are 7 reasons why society still needs survival gear.

7) There are no real survival skills taught to society

Think about it.

You are taught how to read and how to write and how to fit into a corporate and commerce society, but you are never really taught the fundamentals of survival.

Sure, you know that you need food, shelter, heat, and water to survive, but there is no emphasis on how to go about getting these things if there is a disaster.

Society as a whole has been stifled in their survival skills.

If survival training and disaster preparedness is not given then those without survival gear will be left trying to learn the fundamentals of survival in a survivalist situation.

Obviously this is not the ideal time to acquire such skills. 

A survival bag will not give you the disaster preparedness that you need, but it will equip you to last for a few days.

6) The amount of natural disasters is increasing

The numbers of natural disasters are increasing resulting in a rising number of individuals which need to prepare.

It has been reported that a disaster (either manmade or natural) occurs every 8 seconds throughout the world.

Where I am not saying that you will be hit by one of these disasters, the odds are not in your favor.

Having survival gear is not only needed for clothing and for water, but also for food survival.

Consider, in the event of a flood the water will be contaminated with substances which will make even fish unsuitable to eat. It may be days before being able to obtain sustainable food from anywhere.

Your dehydrated meats in your survival gear are therefore critical to your survival.

That is of course if you have survival gear.

5) In the event of a disaster population relocation will demand you have survival gear

Should a natural disaster occur (either natural or manmade) the relocation of the populace will be to the most sustainable region.

In natural disasters the government and rescue organizations typically pick a structural location.

You can see this with the hurricane Katrina. However, if the event is manmade then the populace will resort to off grid living in order to survive.

Those who are limited to their mobility and to a disaster preparedness plan will have to stay with the masses.

Yet, those which are preppers and have survival gear will be the ones which can mobilize themselves to an area that maximizes the chances of survival.

4) In a governmental disaster food inflation will be more than most families can afford

If there is a man-made disaster, then the probability that the fundamental elements of survival being under regulated supplies is enormous.

Food and water will be allocated to those which have the fattest checkbook.

Food and water will probably be denied to the elderly and will definitively not be given to the sick. It is therefore needed to have a survival kit.

True, the food will only last you for three days.

However, if you have the knife and axe (and other tools) in which to conduct hunting and gathering, your chances of making it are greatly increased.

3) There is too much industry and not enough agriculture

Is there agriculture in the world?

Of course, without such we would all be starving now.

But to say that we have sustainable amounts of agriculture for a catastrophic natural disaster is simply not true.

For example: if there were to be a major earthquake on the California cost and most of the crops were ruined, then a great deal of our produce would be minimized.

Now, say that a series of earthquakes hit across the fault lines or say a series of tornados were to hit the tornado alley, where would our agriculture be then?

There is more industry than agriculture as we are a consumer based nation.

Having a survival kit will give you the needed essentials to at least begin to have food survival and water rations for a time.

Hopefully, you will have acquired survival skills and first aid training as well.

2) Storing up food is asking for heartache.

Those of you who have stored up food and supplies in a bunker or a warehouse, or such absurd place are only setting yourself up for heartache.

I say this because most disasters are going to hit that area where the food is stored.

If it is in an extra room and a tornado hits, the food will be scattered across the fields, if you put it in a bunker and have 12 feet of floodwaters or a mudslide covers the hatch, how will you access it?

You cannot have a stockpile of food and supplies and think that it is sufficient. You need to have survival gear.

1) Both NASA and FEMA are encouraging it

Both NASA and FEMA have given statements where they urge families to have a disaster preparedness plan as well as survival gear in order to combat a natural disaster.

FEMA stated that such a kit be in place just in case the “World is turned upside down”.

Where I generally do not give the media hype much attention, when two major organizations tell the public to get there stuff in order for a major natural or manmade disaster, it is time to perk up.

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