7 Bushcraft Skills I Wish I Knew About When I First Started

Bushcraft involves thriving in outdoor wilderness survival. For off-grid living, or even trying to get the hang of it, you need to know a few basic things like building a fire in different kinds of weather conditions or trying to find food through foraging or hunting and building necessary items from natural resources.

Bushcraft is the art of the true survivalist and being able to thrive in the wilderness without modern conveniences.

Before entering into a state of survival of the fittest, the following 11 bushcraft skills will come in handy.

7) Fire Craft

Anyone is fully capable of lighting a fire with a lighter, a few matches or lighter fluid, but you will need some basic instincts to help you when you have to make fire with wood and rocks. Fire craft is an important skill that involves starting and then maintaining fires under any weather conditions.

The entire craft includes a number of fire-building techniques like using the sun, flint, and smoldering plants, along with insights on how you can use fire as a means of survival. You can even learn how to transport fires from one place to another and avoid rebuilding at all.

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6) Tracking

There are many reasons why you should try to get good at tracking. It is the most basic way to catch your dinner in the wilderness, but more importantly, it is a very vital component of OpSec.

When you have the ability of tracking animals as well as people, you can ensure safety for yourself in many ways. For example, you can check your campsite for how often it is visited by animals, or knowing whether someone has been near or around your location recently.

Animals, as well as people, tend to follow their paths repetitively, and being able to recognize their paths and tracking where they are directed towards, you can easily set up snares, accumulate water, and know clearly which areas to avoid.

5) Hunting

Well this one’s a no-brainer, but the ability of hunting effectively with a number of tools is going to help you a lot when you are making your way through the wilderness.

It may be true that a hi-powered rifle can make hunting almost like child’s play, you should remember that you may not even have the basic utilities to survive, which means you probably won’t have a rifle and you won’t be hunting for sport.

The best and probably the most common way used is trapping. You can set up a snare to catch some kind of small game, which is a very good way to survive when you are trying start living off-the grid.

Along with trapping, you also need to learn how to handle different kinds of game, so that you can actually hunt the animals effectively after you trap them. You can learn a few basic butchering and skinning tactics to ensure everything you kill can be eaten.

4) Fishing

This is quite similar to trapping and hunting, but the tools and techniques are different. Learning to fish can get you a good access to high-protein meat and a hefty source of food that won’t ever run out. Fishing can either be done in-line, or the fishes could be trapped.

You also need to know how to handle lures and hooks proficiently, since some hooks can actually be pretty sharp and you don’t want to hook yourself to the rod.

3) Foraging

You probably can’t survive only on animals either, especially if you haven’t paid any attention to fire craft. This is why foraging is highly important.

You need to be able to differentiate between the plants you can consume and the ones that you should completely avoid. It’s very important to beware of the poisonous plants, and knowing how to find plants that you can consume in the wilderness.

2) Shelter

Building yourself a proper shelter is one skill that will probably save your life over and over again when you are venturing through the wilderness. This is more important than keeping yourself dry or comfortable and it is your only hope for safety.

Keeping the shelter dry is important tough, since that will effectively keep your belongings and other equipment dry and usable too. What’s important is only that you know how to build a basic kind of shelter, and which natural resources you can use to build it in the wild.

1) Knives and Axes

Trust me, these are your best friends when you are trying to survive in the great unknown. Survival axes and knives are the most important survival gear tool at your disposal, and using them can often be quite tricky.

Along with using these knives, you should also know how to sharpen its edge from time to time, repair any broken pieces and make your own knife out of natural resources if you had to.

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