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7 Bug out Bag Brands to Consider

Places to get your gear and the sites from which they come

best bug out brand kit

Finding a good bug out bag is a bit like car shopping.

Most of the stuff you will find is bells and whistles which have little to nothing to do with survival gear.

They are overpriced, and they are novelty objects for those that want to “feel” safe and secure.

However, there are a few brand out there which are oriented to the survivalist.

Here are 7 bug out bags and where you can find them.

7) ECHO – Sigma bug out bag 

The reason that I like this bag is that it comes with 7 days of food and water, a means of shelter, a multi-tool, and a means of staying in contact with the outside world.

The pack also has a water purification straw.

The only downside that I can see is the first aid kit is a bit lacking and the radio is battery dependent.

6) The Sandpiper of California 

This bug out bag is meant to be carried by those which have a long way to go.

The frame is made so that you can carry everything you need and but not have back strain. The pack weights nearly 4 pounds when unpacked.

Where there are a few varieties available, I would choose the tan or black poly canvas bag as it is approved by the boy scouts of America. (no survival contents included)

5) The condor three day pack 

This pack is designed for survival gear.

Survivalist will find that their complete survival gear list can fit in the bag with ease.

There are a total of 7 total compartments.

The pros of this bag are that it is made of canvas, has grommets in all compartments for drainage, and has waist support to help alleviate the strain on the back.

The major con of this bag is that it does not have a metal framing system.(no survival contents included)

4) Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rebel Assault pack 

If you are looking for a pack which is cheap yet functional, then this bag is for you.

Personally, the bags are a bit disappointing in terms of construction.

However, they do make up for a great deal in the amount of stuff that they can hold.

I also find that the variations of their brand (such as the sling backpack or the USMC GI issue ILBE) offer a bit of compensation for the design flaws.

Like any brand, the more you spend the more features you can have. (no survival list contents included)

3) Zippmo Extreme Survival Kit 

I would recommend that you buy the extreme survival kit as well as the urban survival kit.

Each pack has food, water, and medical supplies and can sustain a person for 3 days.

As you would expect, the urban kit is directed less to the use of tools to make your survival and more to the living with what is around you factor.

Either one is good.

Keep in mind that if you chose to go with a pack for 3, 4, or the pro pack you will spend a bit more.

Each pack has a 5 year shelf life (so be sure to see when the pack was made and not when they received the pack).

2) Sansport Emergency Family Prep Kit 

Every survivalist knows that you need to have an emergency preparedness kit.

This is also true with your bug out bag. This is not your complete bug out bag by any means, but it does give you the contents that you need to get most of your gear in order.

You will get your fire craft tool, your sleeping bags, collapsible water jugs, a cook set, rope, a tarp, blankets, fire striker, water packs, a radio, and a multi-tool.

Basically, all you need to pack in addition to this would be your axe, clothes, and your water purification filter.

I would also pack some food as that is not a part of this prep kit.

1) A pack from Sovereign Survival 

While none of these packs will be the be-all, end-all survival kit for you, this is a great starting point.

 The reason that I like this pack is that it comes with all the basics and none of the junk.  Most of the contents are geared specifically to minimal space but maximum use.

One con of this pack is that it doesn’t have a fire-starter that we like. We recommend getting a paracord bracelet that has a fire-starter built in. Another con is that we recommend changing the bag. Getting one that is either brown or black so it blends in will be a better choice.

Depending on your location, you’ll want to add some things into the first aid kit. That is impossible to include in one general kit, so keep that in mind.

I would not recommend that you put your life into any survival gear that is pre-made. However, if you want to get the better of the packs, get one that is custom made by a survivalist.

One of the best options is to buy one of these pre-made kits and test it over a 72 hour period and then review what you have done and evaluate what other products you need and would have liked to have. Only then can you customize your pack to your specifications.


When you are buying a bug out bag, your first consideration needs to be for the pack. If you cannot find a pack that will hold together then your contents really do not matter.

After you get a bag (and I would recommend that you get one with steel enforcement or with specifically designed back supports) then your next concern is to find a pack that has water and food.

Work your way down the essentials to ensure that you get every item on your survival gear list.

Keep in mind that even if you get a bug out bag that has all the gear on your list, that you will have to customize the bag to meet your needs for living off the grid.

Every geographic is different and so you should not (for example) plan for a marshland environment if your geographic is dessert.

Additionally, you will want to pack materials into your bug out bag such as a first aid/tactical first aid kit and gear to hunt and gather with.

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