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7 Actions to Take Immediately After an EMP Strike

An EMP strike is an electromagnetic pulse that will wipe out electronics throughout an area.

As a nation, we are almost incapable of realizing how much we rely on electronics in our daily lives, so when an EMP strike hits, it will take a day or two for other people to realize the vast implications.


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One of the first steps to reacting to an EMP strike begins long before it happens.

You should have plenty of batteries and food on hand to live a few weeks, months or a year into the future.

If you’ve been planning ahead for emergencies, you’ll have most of what you need on hand.

1. Gather the Family

If you’re at work when this happens, get home as quickly as possible.

The family should understand what to do in case of emergency as well.

A disaster plan should be fully ingrained in them.

It’s important to have them all gather at home when an EMP strike hits.

Cars, buses and other transportation will have ground to a halt, so you’ll need to have discussed an alternate mode of travel in advance.

2. Shopping

While everyone else is waiting for the government to step in and fix things, you should be out shopping for supplies.

You already have plenty on hand, but cash will be useless if the loss of electricity continues for weeks and months.

Looting will be an issue later too.

It’s vital that you get everything you can now.

Take a bike with a basket or a wire carriage with you for carrying the heavy load.

You don’t want to be limited by the weight.

3. Fill Containers with Water

The tub, empty bottles, sinks and other containers should be filled with as much water as possible.

You should have water purifying tablets on hand, or buy them on your trip to the store.

It’s important to have as much water as possible before the water stops flowing.

Click here to learn more about long term water storage.

4. Secure the Home

While you may not have to go underground or into a bunker quite yet, the home should be shored up against random attacks.

As time goes on, people will begin to panic or hunger will descend upon them.

They will break into homes for food or supplies.

5. Listen for Updates

There might not be any communications right now, but eventually there may be.

You’ll want to monitor radio stations with the small, hand-crank radio that you bought long ago.

Any news that leaks through will keep you more informed and better able to protect your family.

6. Neighborhood

Before the EMP strike, you should have been evaluating your neighbors for who will be helpful during a crisis, and who will be a drain on resources.

Band together with neighbors who will be a help to your family.

It’s okay to help your less prepared neighbors, but ultimately, your family’s survival is paramount.

7. Rations

Don’t wait to start rationing food. You don’t know how long this situation will last.

Having plenty of food doesn’t mean you should waste a single drop of it.

Read this article on food storage and start storing food immediately.

The water should be rationed to the most important things too.

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Most of the preparation should be done prior to an EMP attack.

It’s vital to plan down to the seemingly smallest detail to be sure your family is safe and secure.

You can’t count on anyone but yourself and your family in the event of an emergency of that magnitude.

Make sure you’re self-contained and able to live that way for an extended period of time.

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