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6 Reasons Thousands Now Are Self-Sufficient Who Never Thought They Could Be

Even if you do not currently have the skills that can help you survive on the toughest of days and extreme situations doesn’t mean you can’t learn now.

Here are ten good reasons why self-sufficiency is the most amazing thing you can adapt to.

6) Freedom from Manipulation of Industrialized Markets

The conventional market driven vehicles of investment are controlled by banking institutions and traders most of the times.

On top of that, we have the debacle of Private Federal Reserve Banking as sweet icing on top of the ugly cake.

The market is full of schemes and ponzi-type scams and this has happened over decades of planning, their next move is institutionally looting the retirement funds that have been allotted for workers.

Makes you wonder whether they care about what we eat and our health, doesn’t it?

5) Inflation has become an Epidemic!

Have you ever noticed how the prices of goods have been going upwards by leaps and bounds?

Even chains like Wal-Mart have been raising all their prices, but pretty silently. People may have choices when it comes to buying stocks or assets, but they have no choice but to eat in order to survive.

The fact that inflation keeps accelerating and turning into hyperinflation, and food shortages may even cause further problems really doesn’t gel well with self-sufficient individuals.

We came alone in this world, and our governments and industries played no part in that, why should they have a part in deciding how much we pay for food that is essentially grown from mother Earth.

We got our own pieces of Mother Earth!

4) The Rise of Health and Wellness

It was very recently reveled that a lot of ‘organic’ items are falsely labeled and a huge number of GMO-free products and brands present in the market have been recently exposed for their deceptive practices. 

GMO food actually lacks most of the nutritional value that normally grown plants that have been home-grown in the comforts of your backyard.

The mega-corporation that boasts of being GMO-free – Mosanto has continually trampled the trust of so many consumers.

It’s about time people started to realize they need start working for themselves.

I say thanks but no thanks to all these mega corporations fueled by monopoly.

3) Builds Strength in a Community

You must have heard many people say “I don’t even know who my neighbors are”.

Well, of course you don’t know them. When you have to go through 80 hours of work in a week and have to grab go-to-meals almost all the time, you don’t get much time for community interactions do you?

With such hectic lifestyles that we now have to endure in order to keep moving forward in a highly structured world, we cannot interact with the immediate community that we have and that can obviously make some people feel disconnected.

A local community is the best form of support during trying times, and you need to interact out of work in order to grow.

2) Working for Yourself

Our work hours keep increasing and the pay decreases with that, you are left wondering what you are doing wrong when corporate executives are taking bonuses home that are larger than twice your entire salary.

This leads to a prevalent disgust among people where they start to realize that their lives have become a constant process of indentured servitude.

Even people who are working for people tend to feel incapable at times but that’s just because you need to be working for yourself!

Having something that is completely yours is what is truly precious, and we all want precious and sustainable things for our future.

1) More Spare Time

We have all grown up to believe that life spent farming is tedious and very hard, and this can be simply termed as a blatant lie for the modern times.

Yes, setting up any self-sufficient source of living essentials will require a lot of labor and time, but newer technologies that are now offering people with efficient ways of growing food like Aquaponics are now becoming common these days because they require little investments and efforts.

You get to create symbiotic self-governing systems that you don’t have to manage but can avail benefits form. Sweet!

All of this makes you feel like only the self-sufficient ones are living life to its maximum potential, doesn’t it.

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Taylor Knight

Taylor is an ex-army girl. She has vast knowledge in foraging, hunting and fishing.

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