50 Ways To Have More Fun When Living Off The Grid

Who said that living off the grid has to be all about survival

Living off the grid is a lot of work, but the rewards are plenty. Somehow, there has been a misconception that living off the grid is a dull and dreary way to exist.

This is quite untrue. There are several things that you can do to have fun when living off the grid. Here are 50 ideas to spark your creativity and get you smiling.

  1. Build a Kite – if you have sticks and some string you can make a kite. Remember that you will need to have something to catch the wind as well.
  2. Take a Hike – Go to that spot with the best view and just relax
  3. Make an outdoor shower – Enjoy a bath in the sun by making a shower out of large containers to hold rainwater, a pipe, and a stopper.
  4. Make a coy pond – if you have the space and time, a coy pond is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get back to nature.
  5. Have a mud pie fight – Nothing is better than throwing a bit of mud around after a rain.
  6. Get back to nature and meditate – Sometimes just being still has the best rewards.
  7. Explore a cave – Not only is this enjoyable, but it is a survival skill as well. If you know where to go then you don’t have to look later.
  8. Swim in the buff – Admit it. Most people like the thought of skinny dipping but just are too scared what the neighbors will say. Well you are off the grid. Go ahead and try it.
  9. Watch a meteor shower – Shooting stars are just a wonder.
  10. Learn the constellations – A great survival skill for night navigation. Learning the constellations can be both fun and functional.
  11. Build a treehouse – Get as creative as you want. You are outdoors it is your space, enjoy it.
  12. Craft and sell walking sticks – Make some extra money by collecting, polishing, and selling fallen wood. There are some very interesting pieces of wood out there if you only look for them.
  13. Have a goat wrangling competition with your kids – No pun intended.
  14. Play in the rain – You don’t always have to be serious. Enjoy playing in the rain. There is something liberating about it. Plus, it is a great way to hydrate you if needed.
  15. Play capture the flag at night to hone your survival skills (navigation)
  16. Make your own paints – Most paints are made from natural materials. Make your own powders and dyes and use the paints and dyes in your clothes and on your other bushcrafts.
  17. Sleep in – I would not recommend this every day, but if you are your own boss why not sleep in every so often.
  18. Have a scavenger hunt – Train your children to look for food and game as well as supplies with a scavenger hunt. Be sure to have a prize for the winner.
  19. Grill out with other survivalist – If you know another survivalist cook out using your campfire skills, rocks, and of course your venison or game.
  20. Make an obstacle course – Disaster preparedness states you should be able to navigate any terrain. Put it to the test and find out.
  21. Invent new weapons from natural substances – You will find that some tools work good and some don’t. Occasionally you will think “I wish there was a tool for that.” In those times, why not try to make it.
  22. Go fishing
  23. Go hunting
  24. Make a water swing – Either use existing rope or braid rope together. Either way will prove to be fun.
  25. Dance in a field
  26. Roll down a hill
  27. Make wind chimes from hollow wood – If you want to make natural music then you can easily do so by cutting holes in hollow wood and placing them in a windy location. It may take a few times to get the sound to your liking.
  28. Play checkers (all you need are rocks or cut wood)
  29. Have a picnic
  30. Have random conversations with strangers on your CV – You are out in the middle of nowhere. Why not talk to someone. Just be sure that you don’t go crazy with it as some people may have the survival stills to track you down.
  31. Build a sprinkler system (all you need is a rain water contain and a perforated connecting tube)
  32. Skip Rocks
  33. Climb a tree
  34. Pick Flowers
  35. Try to tame a rabbit or other small game animal (use caution and common sense)
  36. Build your own furniture – want a fun challenge, try to build a chair using only natural resources and your intellect. It will prove to be harder than you think.
  37. Play baseball with sticks and rocks
  38. Tell Ghost Stories around a fire
  39. Work out using natural resources
  40. Make a flower crown or necklace
  41. Look for gems and rare stones – Not only do these provide you with something to sell, the activity hones your survival skills for picking out detail and finding resources.
  42. Collect arrowheads
  43. Sleep in a hammock
  44. Play fetch with your dog
  45. Make your own musical instruments
  46. Build a slip and slide (rainwater + tarp on smooth ground)
  47. Make a butterfly garden
  48. Make a zen garden
  49. Have sex as loud as you want (the animals won’t mind)
  50. Explore and do something new

These are just 50 of the things that you can do to have fun when living off the grid and being self-sufficient. There are many things which you will find to be enjoyable.

The trick is to find something that you love and then get creative about it.

Whether it is whittling, making bowls and utensils, gardening, or anything else, remember a life that is not filled with happiness is not worth living.

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