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25 of the Best Bushcraft Masters Of The Decade

A bushcrafter is synonymous with a long-term survival expert.

True master bushcrafters are those who choose to live off of the land for an extended period in time.

These masters do not just survive in their natural environments they thrive there. It is important to know that all bushcraft masters are debated for one reason or another.

Here are 25 of the most master bushcrafters of the past decade.

1. Dave Canterbury
Dave Canterbury is the sole author of the survival guide titled “Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival.”

dave canterybury


He is referred to as one of the best master bushcrafters of all time. He has his own school where he teaches others to live off of the land as he does.

2. Mykel Hawke
This bushcraft master has excellent skills in mountain wilderness survival.



His best techniques involve building a fire and staying warm in the harsh, cold, wet mountains of various different locations.

Mykel Hawke has some of the best survival gear on the planet for mountainous locations and is willing to share all of his survival knowledge with anyone who asks for it.

Many love his personality just as much as they love his ability to survive in harsh conditions.

3. Les Stroud
Les Stroud is truly a master of bushcraft.

les stroud


Unlike many masters he has taught his entire family to live off of the land.

He has built a home completely off of the land, grows all of his food, and lives entirely off of the grid in Canada.

He is an inspiration for anyone who aspires to be a genuine bushcrafter.

4. Cody Lundin
Cody Lundin is admired for his respect for nature.

Cody Lundin


He does not wish to conquer nature, but instead looks to work with it.

He does a great deal of observing and living the way that animals of the land live. He truly is one with nature.

5. EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder
EJ Snyder gained his beloved middle name “Skullcrusher” because of his rough and tough ability to hunt animals.



He is a respected leader, teacher, and follower of God.

He feels as though all of his strength to survive as a bushcrafter come from God alone.

6. Matt Graham
Matt Graham is loved by many admirers because he can take any survival situation and make it seem like a vacation.


He is very calm and appreciative for every little thing in his environment.

Matt Graham will truly give anyone the impression that bushcrafting is the path to the perfect utopia.

7. Horace Kephart
Horace Kephart is known mostly for his quiet nature and ability to conceal any problems he encounters.

Horaca Kephart

He does not complain a lot.

Instead he seeks the solution with an open mind and calm attitude. It takes a lot to turn Horace Kephart into the type of person who complains about anything.

8. Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls is one of the most well-known master bushcrafter on this list of debated masters.

bear grylls

His real name is Edward Grylls.

He has his own television show where he shows the world how to survive in the wilderness.

His tips for surviving are unique to his personality and friendly to those who know little about surviving in the wilderness.

9. Thomas Coyne
Thomas Coyne is one of the most unique master bushcrafters on this list.

He does not seek fame and he does not always keep a calm and collected attitude toward his environment.

He experiences a wide range of emotions that he shares with those around him making him seem more human and more relatable to the people he teaches.

10. Mike Pewtherer
Mike Pewtherer has his own collection of survival books under his belt.

Mike Pewtherer


He is humble and does not take anything for granted.

He loves what he does but understands that life is not easy in a survival situation. He has a great ability to help others cope with the emotions that they experience while going through their own survival situations.

11. Michael James Patrick
Unlike many survivalists Michael James Patrick makes the majority of his tools.

He believes in making his own bow drill and hunting tools.

He enjoys making his own tools and using his own techniques to thrive in any environment he is in.

12. James Mandeville
James Mandeville has a strong background in military training and in psychology.

He uses both of these tasks to survive as a master bushcrafter.

His ability to survive in the Amazon and in Africa are what make him well-known.

13. Tom Brown
Tom Brown knows a lot about surviving in harsh winter situations.

He is a master tracker and trapper as well as a master bushcrafter.

He teaches survival courses in which every single one of his students actually walk away learning to thrive in brutal, wild, winter environments.

14. Brantley McGee
Brantley McGee has a very strong background with the U.S Coast Guard.

This experience helped him to achieve the tough exterior that many admire him for.

He is an excellent hunter with the right tools. Though he uses a few modern tools, he is still recognized as a master bushcrafter.

15. Wayne Russell
Wayne Russell grew up building shelters and fires the primitive way.

He absolutely loves this way of life and sharing his experiences with others.

Living the wild life as a master bushcrafter truly is a passion of his.

16. Kellie Nightlinger
Kellie Nightlinger is one of the only female master bushcrafters that is well known.

She truly is a very strong woman who knows her stuff about survival.

She has the ability to adapt to any environment because she is so intune with the natural setting around her.

17. Sam Larson
Sam Larson is one of the youngest master bushcrafters on the list.

He is innovative and willing to try just about anything.

He is newly recognized as a star of a hit television show for his ability to thrive in just about any environment.

18. Daniel W. Shrigley
Daniel W. Shrigley prefers to use a club as his primary survival tool.

He has an extensive military background and is considered to be a master hunter as well as a master bushcrafter.

He believes that practice makes perfect and that anyone who wants to thrive will thrive.

19. Ray Mears
Ray Mears is a calculating man.

Instead of putting himself in the middle of an unknown environment and working his way out, he researches the area and primitive skills that were used to survive there.

He takes all of this knowledge, adds his own innovative ideas, and then thrives on the land.

20. Steve Backshall
Steve Backshall is most known for his ability to conquer wild animals.

He has been seen tackling large sharks, tigers, and other big game.

21. Dave Mitchell
Dave Mitchell totally survives through chance.

He always seems to be in the right place in the right time.

He always seems to have access to the right materials even when the snow is falling and the rain is pouring.

22. Ron Hood
Ron Hood has been practicing bushcrafting skills for a very long time.

Many state that he may have be the one to start the survival challenge trend that is currently happening.

He is a patient and kind person that lived off of his own set of practical survival techniques.

23. Creek Stewart
Creek Stewart is a very personable bushcrafter.

He teaches mostly through hands-on activities that show students how to truly make their own survival possible.

Each student leaves him knowing that they did everything for themselves.

24. Lofty Wiseman
Lofty Wiseman practically wrote the SAS survival guide after spending 26 years of solid survival skills.

Lofty Wiseman has been at the forefront of bushcrafting for well over 30 years because he really knows his stuff.

He has written countless survival techniques that others around the world use today.

25. Mors Kochanski
Mors Kochanski is the final master bushcrafter of this list.

He truly practices his art as a bushcrafter for himself even when everyone around him seems to practice the art as a fad.

Mors Kochanski is far more interested in surviving practically and simplistically than some of the other masters on this list.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know who you think are the top bushcrafters in the comments below!

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Steven Swift

Steven has been interested in Survivalist Tips and prepping for years. He wanted to share the tips and tricks he learned with the world to help them be prepared for any type of dangers/emergencies. He is the owner of Sovereign Survival

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Lance Gardner - August 4, 2015

Not sure how you can skip Joe Teti. He has skills regardless of the controversy surrounding him.

    SF CPT - August 6, 2015

    You mean the Teti guy who lied about SERE School and alot more and never started a fire without help?
    Those skills? Or the skill to sue the Special Forces Community he’s profiting off and never saw combat with, and quit on at 9/11 and got kicked out of all 3 SF units, those real SF Combat Vets he’s suing for calling out his lies instead of simply proving his claims, if they are true? Or the skills to get 2 TV shows based on false claims- 1 show that get 3 men dead? Or the other show with his skills to attack 3 other real survivalist who studied and taught survival for 20 years? Or the skills to whack domestic animals and threaten crews? Yeah, those skills may be why you don’t see that name on this list and why there is a ‘controversy’ in the first place. At least, that’s my humble opinion on the matter. Drive on list maker, Steven Swift. Thank you and be well.

    Aaron Faulkner - August 17, 2015

    That gave me a good laugh! Thanks Lance! Teti a survivalist… heh heh heh…. I’m going to go tell my wife that joke.

Dan - August 4, 2015

Glad to see a nice variety of old & new names – folks I have worked with, admired and befriended. I would add Thomas Moore and Josh Hamlin to the list. Perhaps not as well-known nationally, but guys who have truly lived off the land for extended time.

Rodney - August 5, 2015

Dani Beau from naked and afraid should be on there, she is a bushcraft goddess. If you combined Cody and Matt, you would get Dani Beau.

mrmarx - August 5, 2015

What about Dick Proenneke?… He lived in the bush mostly alone for like 30 years in a cabin he build himself

Dave - August 6, 2015

Ron Hood and Ray Mears should be way closer to number one than they are.

    SF CPT - August 7, 2015

    agree with that 100%
    ray mears rocks
    and ron hood was great

Steve - August 17, 2015

Jason Drevenak founder of North American bushcraft school?

Brian Harps - August 17, 2015

I actually think Creek should be higher up on this list instead of down near the bottom..

Swegin - August 17, 2015

Malcolm Douglas

Joe O'Leary - May 5, 2016

Why are you using one of my images to advertise this article? The leaf covered shelter with the woven hazel door. Change it please

Kevin McGee - May 5, 2016

Bushcraft is a wilderness skills tradition and community with philosophy, principles and skill set based upon the work of Richard Graves, Mors Kochanski and Ray Mears. Many of the people on this list are military-style survivalists, others are in the primitive/earth/indigenous skills culture, and therefore they do not follow the bushcraft tradition, and are not bushcrafters.

Damo Grim - May 5, 2016

Lofty Wiseman should be up at the top and I would add Ed Stafford to the list

CBless - August 4, 2016

Mitch Mitchell of Native Survival should definitely be on the list.


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