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10 Survival Tips for SHTF Scenarios

In a SHTF scenario, all things are possible.

From a nuclear explosion to civil war, there are many things that you can do to keep yourself and your family safe. The problem is that most people think that they are prepared, when in fact they are not.

So, in order to better prepare you for the unthinkable, we have compiled a list of 10 things that will better help you when shit hits the fan. 

1.The City WILL Fall

If you live in a large city, you may want to rethink that. When hell breaks loose, the city will crumble. People will be fighting, stealing, raping and murdering, and you do not want yourself or your family caught in the cross-hairs.

If you are unable to leave the city, you should invest in either property in a rural area or invest in friends who own property in a rural area. Make sure that you are honing in on all of your skills though, most people will deny you access to their land and goods if you have nothing to bring to the table. 

shtf situation

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2.Evacuation Route

No matter where you reside, you will need a couple of evacuation routes.

So what if you have the PERFECT plan laid out. If that route has been blocked, damaged or made impassable, you will need a secondary one.

When deciding which route is best, make sure that you take the road least taken. In other words, do not take common exits and routes that are well known.

When chaos ensues, you will realize that everyone else is taking the same road, you will be better off and able to move quicker if you are not having to stop and wait for traffic. 

3.Diesel Vehicles

So, you bought a Prius? Well, when the grid goes down, so does that smart, high gas mileage car. It doesn’t matter if you drive one, as long as you have another hard-fuel vehicle ready.

Diesel will be more readily available than gasoline. If you get something that is military-grade diesel, you will also be able to use things like rotten/dried leaves as a means to make your own fuel.

Do some research about how to do that now because when SHTF, you will not have time. 

4.Self Defense

Self-defense does not mean carrying a gun that you have never shot. Self-defense means knowing multiple ways of how to defend yourself and your family in a bad situation.

Whether you are trying to escape a rabid dog or trying to overpower someone whose goal is to hurt you, self-defense is essential to survival.

You can start with reading this article about 10 self-defense techniques everyone should know.

5.Stay Fit

All of the escape routes, self-defense maneuvers and survival skills that you have learned will get you nowhere if you cannot outrun the situation.

You need to start working out and exercising now because you will not have time to hit the gym when things get rough. 

6.Basic Survival Skills

You will need to know AT LEAST your basic survival skills.

You should be figuring out how to catch your own food, how to sew basic stitches, start fires, find and filter clean drinking water, CPR and even which plants are poisonous. If you cannot distinguish poison ivy from an English Ivy, you need more lessons!

Survival is more than getting away from the bad people. It is surviving on your own when you have no one else to turn to. 

7.Advanced Survival Skills

So, you know how to do everything in number six?

Well, now you need to start worrying about other things. If you don’t know how to shoot a bow, this lesson could really help you in a survival situation.

You should be learning how to track animals and people, how to use different vines to make cords, how to store food so that it doesn’t go bad and anything else that could help you.

Think outside of the box because everyone and everything else will be trying to survive as well.

8.Discover your Inner BOB

You don’t know who BOB is?

Oh, well, you need to get to work on that! BOB mean bug-out bag. In a bug-out bag, you will have everything that you need in a hurry up and go situation.


You will have things like first aid kit, fishing twine, water, food, firearm with extra ammo, raincoat (these are handy for so many different survival things), medications and anything else that you think is necessary to have at all time.

So, discover your inner BOB, make friends with him and get your butt in gear.

One last note, do not pack the bag so much that you cannot carry it because then it is useless.

9.Food and Equipment Trail

If you already have your evacuation route planned, you should start thinking about other things.

In an emergency situation, you may not have time to pack up your car, so you need to have some necessities stored along your evacuation route.

If you are traveling country roads, dig a whole near a familiar landmark and bury some essential items in it. You would be amazed at how much you can store along your route, and how handy this will become. 

10.Be Mentally Prepared

All the primping and prepping will be useless if you have not mentally prepared yourself for an emergency situation. You should start going on survival camp-outs, now.

survival camping

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You should have timed drills using your escape route. You need to make sure that all of your hard work pays off.

Basically, you need to think like you are the last person (or family) on Earth who is sane and in control of the situation. There are many other ways to plan for a survival situation, but this list is a great place to start if you are just beginning your trek to surviving ultimate demise.

How to get in touch with someone if the Power Grid goes down

So, the apocalypse is coming, and you think that you are prepared.


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Well, have you thought about how you will be contacting your friends and family during the post-apocalyptic world?

If you are reading this, you might have actually started preparing for that exact scenario.

The truth is, when the apocalypse happens, the power grid will likely go down, and that will leave all modern technological advances null and void. 

Old School Wonders

Many of the younger generation do not even know what walkie-talkies are, but they will definitely come in handy when the power grid goes down.

Due to the fact that many walkie-talkies are battery operated, it is important to not only have the handheld devices ready, but make sure that you have plenty of batteries on hand to keep them working.

walkie talkies for survival


The great thing about walkie-talkies is that each channel can be used for communication. Everyone in the family should agree on using a specific channel, and stick to that agreement.

It would be a great idea to store the walkie-talkies after switching them to the appropriate channel.

By doing this, you are ensuring that every member of your family is on the same page (i.e. channel) if/when all hell breaks loose. 

Now with all of that being said, if you do not sell yourself short on your preparedness you should definitely invest in solar-powered walkie-talkies.

If you choose solar-powered devices, you will no longer have to burden yourself with batteries for this device when you could be thinking about more important items like food, water and shelter. 

When All Else Fails…

Given that many people will have to travel to get to their relatives, there are more factors to consider than walkie-talkies.

Always leave notes on easy-to-see landmarks.

Now, if you are not properly trained in self-defense and/or gun safety and handling procedure this could be dangerous, but that is why we are going to go ahead and recommend that you start training now.

In the event that chaos ensues, you will need to be able to protect yourself and/or your family.

Back to the point… By keeping something handy to write with (i.e. permanent marker), you will be able to lead any of your friends/family directly to you.

Not only do you want to let them know which way you have gone, but you will also need to inform them of where you are going, when you left and when/if you plan on returning to that point. 

It cannot be stressed enough that when using this method of communication, you need to be well-trained on how to take care of yourself. If hell breaks loose, people will no longer politely ask for a cup of sugar or a can of corn, but they will likely hurt or even kill you to get what they want. 

To put it in a nutshell, when the power grid goes down, cellphones, tablets, computers and landlines are no longer useful.

You and your family should have a secret code for communication, walkie-talkies that are all set to the same channel and a clear understanding of what to do and where to go.

Once that line of communication has been incorporated, the rest should fall into place. 


We came across this article and had to share it….



Pelican Bay, California’s most notorious supermax prison. Photo via the California Department of Corrections.

The United States has an enormous prison problem. A more-than-2.4-million-prisoner-sized problem, to be precise, locked up in the archipelago of federal penitentiaries, state corrections facilities, and local jailhouses that form the nation’s thriving prison-industrial complex. Since 1980, the number of incarcerated citizens in the US has more than quadrupled, an unprecedented rise that can attributed to four decades of tough-on-crime oneupmanship, and a draconian war on drugs.

Today, more than one out of every 100 Americans is behind bars, and the US has the largest prison population in the world, both in terms of the actual number of inmates and as a percentage of the total population. The numbers are staggering: The US incarceration rate is nearly 3.5 times higher than that of Mexico, a country that has spent the last decade in the throes of an actual drug war, and between five and ten times higher than those seen in Western Europe. There are more people locked up in the US than in China. In fact, the US is home to nearly a quarter of the world’s prisoners, despite accounting for just 5 percent of the overall global population.

But the data gets even more disturbing when broken down at the state level. A recent analysis by the Prison Policy Initiative shows that while states like Louisiana have undoubtedly led America’s march toward mass incarceration, no state or region has been immune to the prison boom. And each state is a global aberration, with incarceration rates that compare to those found in isolated dictatorships and countries recovering from civil war.


Read the rest of the article on Vice at MASS INCARCERATION IN AMERICA 

Fox News hosts mock and chastise citizens for filming the police

It is helpful to examine how the American media subtly influences audiences toward tolerating oppression when they should be resisting it.  Illustrating this point, two major cable news hosts devoted airtime toward denigrating citizen activists’ efforts to hold the government accountable.

The topic of discussion earlier this week on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor was the subject of filming police officers during on-the job duties.  Or, as host Bill O’Reilly describes it, “spying on the police.”

Mr. O’Reilly and guest commentator Megyn Kelly proceeded to attempt to marginalize a group known as Cop Block (, which has dedicated a great deal of effort toward seeking accountability among police officers through the use of cameras.

The two hosts showed nothing but contempt toward the concept of filming police and the individuals who spend effort to do it.

“There’s enough stress on police, without these clowns chasing them around,” Mr. O’Reilly sneered.

“You’re riding down the road, trying to do your job, suddenly, its like, Paul Bunyan is after me!!” Ms. Kelly mocked, in reference to a clip of an activist who had a beard.

The loud-mouthed host shared the objection to the Texas activist’s appearance, saying, “the guy with a beard, he looks like a biker.”

Mr. O’Reilly said lamented that cops “have to deal with idiots — all day” and that they shouldn’t “have a camera in their face.”

Read the rest of the story here –>




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