20 Website to Visit if you want a Better Indoor Garden

If you are one of those who love gardening but simply don’t have the space or a garden to do it, then I am sure you are well aware of indoor gardening.

Indoor gardens allow us, who simply love gardening but don’t have the space for it, to still indulge in gardening while incorporating it in our lifestyle.


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It really is the perfect solution.

Indoor gardening can be used to grow a wide variety of different vegetables, herbs or even fruits. It is a sustainable practice and a fantastic way to grow our own healthy and fresh produce all year long.

Even those lucky enough to have space for outdoor gardening have started building indoor gardens, so when the winter months start creep in, a gardener can simply move their plants indoors.

It is not even that demanding, all you need is some good quality grow box, appropriate grow lights and dedicated grow rooms.

There is a huge misconception that indoor gardens require huge amounts of space, which is not really true at all.

A small grow room can easily house an entire outdoor garden with relative ease. All you really need is some equipment such as artificial lights or grow lights and grow boxes and the knowledge to properly utilize them.

Since, we live in the digital age information is literally available at our finger tips. The problem then becomes the overwhelming about of information out there.

So if knowledge is the only thing keeping you from create or improving your indoor garden, we’ve got 20 websites for you.

These websites will give you the knowledge that is necessary for a flourishing indoor garden.

Websites that will Help You Improve your Indoor Garden

Center for Resource Conservation

Fantastic website for indoor gardening resource, which will help you reduce your costs through conservation. The website has information for both outdoor and indoor gardening, but all from the perspective of those wishing to slash their bills by conserving valuable resources and adopting sustainable practices.

Dambly’s Garden Center

Dambly offers a huge library of resource through an aesthetically pleasing website, which will make sure you come back again. It doesn’t just cover indoor gardening but also offers insights into a vast scope of other gardening related activities, including hydroponics and landscaping.

Simply Hydroponics

Although, the name gives the impression that, the website is purely dedicated to hydroponics, but it will educate you in every single aspect related to indoor gardening.

My Hydro Life

Hydro Life is the ultimate grower’s magazine, as such; it also extensively covers indoor gardening. It is a magazine that is simply for every grower out there.

Maximum Yield

Maximum yield started off as a how to indoor gardening magazine. Over the years it has become a globally distributed magazine for indoor gardening. It is filled with information that will enrich your indoor garden.


Promix is a professional resource center that will help you cultivate your knowledge regarding your indoor cultivation.


Although, inhabitat offers valuable insights into a vast variety of topics, its indoor gardening section offers some of the most profound information that will literally transform your indoor garden.

Window Farms

Life is beautiful. So can be your indoor garden. Check out window farms for some tips on creating some of the most beautiful indoor gardens you’ve ever seen.


Gardeners, a comprehensive resource guide for all of your indoor gardening questions. The website will help you understand every aspect of your indoor garden.


If you are looking for ideas for a lavish and out-of-this-world indoor garden then look no further, because this website will give you more ideas than you can begin to comprehend.


No list can ever be considered complete without the topic’s relevant sub reddit on it. Here you can literally learn anything from experts in indoor gardening.

Natural Planet

Here you can learn about literally everything about indoor gardening. Whether you need to understand how to step up a grow room to understanding the exact grow lights you need to match each of your plants’ needs.

Gardening on Cloud 9

Gardening on Cloud 9 is one of the most comprehensive recourse guide for those looking to master the art of indoor gardening. It will teach you literally how to grow individual plants by understanding their exact needs, that how comprehensive this website can get.

Wakeup World

There is no better way to learn about indoor gardening, than to immerse in the beauty of Wakeup World. The website has been beautifully designed to appease all of its readers, but more importantly even more effort is invested into the content they regularly provide.

Home Life

Home Life tries to inspire with its featured gardens, beautification tips, how to grow guides and dedicated plant guides. It is a fascinating read for every green thumb out there.


Clemson is an extremely important source of information that will educate the indoor gardener about various vital aspects of gardening such as safety, toxicity of pesticides and so on.

Healthy House Plants

At Healthy House plants you can choose whatever medium you prefer for learning, it offers articles, books and even educational videos. You can literally learn everything you need for a thriving indoor garden from this one website.

Gardening Channel

Gardening Channel is a comprehensive guide to how to garden. It also delves extensively into specialty gardening, which mostly involves techniques related to indoor gardening.

Guide to House Plants

Indoor gardening seems like a mystery to a number of people and guide to house plants is dedicated to demystifying all aspects involved in indoor gardening.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and Flowers is run an indoor houseplant care professional. He uses the website to help countless people around the world understand the joys of indoor gardening, while making the process easier by providing simply and easy to understand guides on technical concepts.

Here you have it, 20 best websites to help you improve you indoor garden.

With all this diverse information and knowledge available at your screen, you can create a flourishing indoor garden in no time.

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