12 Things I Love About Done-For-You Survival Kits

12 things I love about do it for you survival kits

If you are starting out with your survivalist training these are a good start

The probability that society will eventually be forced to live off the grid or in a survivalist setting is increasing.

Natural disasters are getting more and more common even in places which typically do not see such activity.

Survivalist and preppers have already started to make kits and hone their skills, but what do you do if you are just starting out?

Done for you survival kits are a great way to begin your survival gear journey.

Here are 12 things that I love about do-it-for you survival kits.

1) All the basics

A good survival kit will provide you with all the essentials that you will need to survive. These are food, clothing, shelter, heat, and water.

Granted, these are for 3 to 7 days, but the stuff in these bags will also give you a tangent from which you can acquire more of the same product.

For example: If you see that you have a multi-tool but it is of a poor quality, you know that you need a good multitool in your bag.

Yes, you do not want to have to replace every item, and you will not have to, but a survival kit will have to be customized and getting a do it for you kit is a great way to minimize the stuff that you have to find yourself.

2) Water purification straws

Water purification straws will keep you alive after your water supply runs out.

Fresh water is generally crawling with bacteria and other toxins, especially if you are in an area where the soil is less than suitable for living.

Having a purification straw can remove up to 99% of these elements, making the water fit for consumption.

3) MREs

Besides having dehydrated food, your kit should have at least a few MREs.

These things last for a great deal of time, are made for the military and so they have the nutrients and minerals needed for mobility, and they are relatively cheap to restock.

A done-for-you survival kit which has an MRE is a good find.

4) Built by Survivalists

If you really want to get a great survival kit then look for a person that is already living off the grid and has a great survival pack.

If you can find a website that offers survival tips showing the person using the survival kit that they sell, then you can bet that it is a good pack to invest in.

Just make sure that the contents of the pack are the same.

5) All from one provider

A done-for-you survival kit provides you with a starting point from which you can customize your pack.

Instead of having to start from scratch and look all over the place for quality items, your pack has everything that you need from one provider.

This is essential to your disaster plan and survival kit as you can easily contact the company if there is anything wrong with you gear.

If however, you bought everything from different vendors then you have to remember who you bought it from and track them down for a replacement.

6) Can review others thoughts

Unlike kits which are built completely from scratch, a done-for-you survival kit can be evaluated online to see how other customers have used or think of the product.

Like anything else that is for sale online, you will get both the good and the bad. I always try to read the 3s on a 5 star rating to get a good middle ground of the pros and cons.

7) Better Canvas Selection

As you will want to ensure that you have a durable bag, many survival kits offer you the option of choosing the material for the bag as well as the colors.

While this may seem to be a somewhat trivial thing, I would rather have a naturally colored canvas bag over a nylon orange “survival” bag any day.

However, if you prefer to have that the choice is up to you.

8) Designed for long term mobile use

If buying from a store which specializes in survivalist equipment, you can typically find a bag which is designed for being carried over a vast terrain.

The survival kits usually have either straps or special framework in order to lessen the strain on the person’s back.

This is paramount to your mobility.

If your back gets too strained from carrying your equipment then your options are either lighten the load by losing items, or stop and rest, neither of which may be a viable option.

9) Can be customized for long term survival

The survival kit is not meant for extended survival.

Yet, you can make it so that it sustains you.

You can pack extra socks, water straws, a firecraft kit, a survival plant and herb guide, an extra knife, etc.

The point is that you can start your kit and then use your survival skills and the survival tips of others to have an exceptional pack.

10) Tactical First Aid has everything you could need

One of the best done-for-you survival kits that you can buy is a tactical emergency kit.

I am not talking about the small little red zip bags that so commonly adorn survival kits, but the big orange or black tactical bags that have everything from the band aid to the blood transfusion bag.

Where it is hopeful that you will not need all of the gear, you do not want to be ill prepared.

11) Relatively Cheap

Unlike having to buy each item separately (which can get quite expensive) survival kits which are pre-made are relatively cheap.

You should note that the lower the price the less apt you are to have all that you want in the pack. Go for a pack that is competitive with other stores and has the essentials needed to survive.

12) A quick solution to an ever-growing issue

FEMA and NASA have both encouraged families to have a disaster plan that includes a survival kit.

Where it is idealistic that we all have the time and the survival skills to pull this off, many of us do not.

Do it for you survival kits allow those which do not have the means to make their own custom pack to have at least the fundamental kit so sustain them should a disaster occur.

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