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12 Foods That Last Forever – How Many Are You Storing?

12 food that will last forever

Stocking non-perishable food is essential for Preppers and Survivalists

As a prepper, you will need to have food that last a great amount of time. You do not want to stock your food supply only to have to restock the survival food in a few months.

While you will need to keep an eye on your supply and ensure that the food is up to a proper standard, your main concern should be in your survival skills and your disaster preparedness plan.

Therefore, having foods that last forever is one way in which you can minimize the need to restock food. Here are 12 foods that last forever.

12) Jams

Canned Jams can last for decades if done properly. Ensure that you know how to can as well as which jams store best in your geographical location. Keep jars airtight and stored in a temperate climate and you will have fresh fruit products to eat for years.

11) Chocolate

By Chocolate I mean bar chocolate and not the junk you get on the shelf. If you can find fresh ground coco beans that is the best.

If you buy bar chocolate you can keep it for years without any worry. The appearance will change a bit but it should be safe. Avoid storing chocolate that uses eggs in their product (hence why you need to stay away from the commercial bars).

10) Vinegar

Vinegar is a fermented food. This means that technically it is already spoiled when you buy the product. When you store the vinegar it may change a bit in its appearance, but it will still be good to use.

Keep in mind that vinegar is acidic and that storing it in a plastic container is not recommended as it will start to eat away at the container and can cause contamination. For longer life and a purer vinegar keep it stored in a glass jug.

9) Rice

Where this does not last “forever” you can bet that it last a great deal of time. Rice when stored properly will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years officially.

Of course, most of these foods can still be consumed with the expiration date past and rice is not an exception. Keep rice stored in a dry climate and air sealed and it will last for several years.

8)  Wheat and Oats

Wheat and oats are similar to the rice storage in that they will need to be in an air tight container. For the best results, do not grind your wheat and oats prior to use.

Grind the wheat and oats as you need to use them. Should you need to have a supply ready for use in recipes have a separate storage but keep a raw supply handy.

7) Dehydrated Vegetables

As the number one thing that spoils food is moisture, eliminating the water from food will greatly increase the lifespan of the food.

Keep in mind that in dehydrating food you are sacrificing a bit of the nutrients for the extended life. Also, just because you removed the water does not mean that you can store them in loose containers. For best results store dehydrated food in an air suctioned bag or container.

6) Powdered Beverages

You will need to be a bit careful when you get powered beverages as some do contain a few contaminants which can spoil. Yet, most of the powdered beverage mixes you find have years on the expiration and will last even longer than that if kept in ideal conditions.

Avoid breaking the metal sheet seals on the containers if possible. Also, to enhance the life of the containers add tape around the top of the screw top (on containers such as Gatorade) and the main container to help keep air out.

5)  MREs

The MRE was made for a military situation, and the design has not changed. The MRE can last 7 years or more depending upon how you store them.

Some MREs have been stored for over 10 years without any problem at all. Again, it depends on which food is in the MRE as well as how you store the food.

4) Nuts

Certain Nuts last for a long time. You will want to shell some nuts (such as pecans) while other nuts you will need to keep in their shells.

A bit of research on the nuts in your region will tell you the best way in which to store them. DO NOT get commercialized nut products as these are generally packaged in oils and salts as well as syrups which do nothing to help the shelf life. If you have to buy nuts from a commercial provider, rinse them off, dry them completely and store them in an airtight container.

3) Alcohol

As a prepper you really do not need to be building up a beer cave, but alcohol can have its advantages. There is the cooking functionality as well as the medical/cleaning functionality. In terms of its other usage, consider that people drink when disasters occur.

Having some alcohol on hand may prove to be a bartering currency in a catastrophic event.

2) Honey

Honey provides a natural and sweet treat. It is also filled with nutrients. Stored honey will not go bad. There will be a bit of discoloration in the storage as the honey settles and as light effects the ingredients. However, if the honey is kept in an air tight container then you should be fine.

It is not recommended that you put a honey cone in with the honey.

Where the honey will last, the honey cone may go frail or mold over time (depending on the way it was stored). If you store organic honey, which is recommended, ensure that you separate the honey from the cone and put the contents in an air tight container.

1) Salt

Salt does not have a shelf life. It last as long as it is stored properly. You will need to have salt in order to do the curing of your meat.

Yet, this is not the only use for the salt. Primarily, salt will be used to season foods. It can also be used to help with water filtration, food preservation and cleaning (apart from meat), and Salt can also be used as exfoliate if mixed with oils.

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