11 Ways to Cure a Toothache with Home Remedies

11 Ways to Cure a Toothache with Home Remedies

Under normal circumstances, having a toothache is a trivial problem which is easily solved by a trip to the dentist. 

However, during a survival or disaster situation, a toothache can have serious repercussions. 

It can prevent you from eating food, sap you of energy and potentially lead to a serious infection. 

If you ignore a toothache it may cause Periodontitis, a condition where bacteria and plaque accumulate in the oral cavity. 

The condition may trigger a strong immune system response in the body which can negatively impact your health. 

You should always remember that health care is one of the most important parts of emergency preparedness planning.

What Causes a Toothache?

The symptoms of a toothache can present as a sharp or dull pain close to the tooth.  The most common causes of a toothache are dental cavities caused by tooth decay, gum disease or an abscess of the tooth. 

It is important to realize that other health problems can also cause a toothache.  Sinus infections, shingles, neuropathic pain (damaged nerves), referral headache pain, cardiac toothache (heart attack warning sign) and even stress can cause a toothache. 

Before treating your toothache, make sure it actually is related to a dental problem.  The source of the pain should be easy to isolate and restricted to a specific tooth.  Here are 11 ways to cure a toothache using DIY home remedies.

Salt Water

The simplest and easiest to use DIY home remedy for a toothache is salt water.  Simply mix a tablespoon of salt with a glass of warm water and swirl it around your mouth before spitting it out.  It will kill bacteria and relieve pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is even more effective than salt water for killing the bacteria in your mouth.  It provides some pain relief and helps to ward off gingivitis.  It must be used VERY carefully because not diluting it correctly can burn your mouth. 

You should use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide or dilute the typical 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to 3%. It can be used as a mouthwash and held in the mouth for a few minutes at a time. 

Never swallow the solution and avoid giving it to small children who are more likely to accidentally swallow it.

When creating a disaster plan, smart preppers will include some alcohol in their bug out bag.  Strong spirits have an anti-bacterial property and can be used treat fevers, flu, toothache, and sore throats.  Alcohol can also be used to disinfect wounds and to provide some pain relief. 

Simply swish some alcohol around your mouth before spitting it out.  Alternatively, soak a cotton ball with alcohol and place it directly over the affected tooth, keeping it there for 5 minutes or more.  Alcohol can also be a very valuable item when bartering.

Herbal extracts are a very useful home remedy for a toothache because they have multiple uses.  For example, vanilla extract can be used to treat burns, relieve pain and repel bugs.  They are also carried in small bottles, so are easy to incorporate into your disaster plan. 

Vanilla, almond, peppermint and lemon extracts are all useful for relieving toothache pain. Simply douse a cotton ball with the extract then place it in your mouth for a few minutes.

Ginger Root

Ginger can help relieve the pain of a toothache and fight any infection that is present.  Ginger is a very useful DIY home remedy for a toothache because it can be grown very easily.  Cut a small piece of ginger root, wash it and skin it.  Simply bite down on the piece of ginger with the affected tooth then move the ginger juice around the painful area with your tongue.

Peppermint Leaves
Peppermint can grow like a weed in some locations and is often easy to find.  If you have plant identification as one of your survival skills, you may be able to find some in a nearby forest.  To treat a toothache with peppermint, soak the leaves in a glass of warm water and swish it around your mouth. By drinking the solution, you can also treat other ailments like headaches.

Clove Oil
Perhaps the best home remedy for treating toothache, clove oil is worth including in any survival kit.  It is useful because it contains eugenol, a powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial agent, and analgesic. 

If you have clove oil on hand, use it on a cotton swab and place on the affected tooth.  If you have clove buds, you can simply chew them to extract their juice and treat your toothache.

Oil of Oregano
Anyone driven to increase their emergency preparedness knows the importance of antibiotics.  If you have a serious health condition, ingesting a medicine with antibiotic properties is often the only way to survive.  Thankfully, some natural herbs also have antibiotic properties.  Oil of oregano is one of those.

Mix a few drops with some olive oil then place on a cotton bud.  Put the cotton on the affected tooth to gain benefit from its analgesic properties.  It can also be ingested to obtain more benefit from its antibiotic properties.

Tea Tree Oil

A powerful disinfectant, tea tree oil can help kill any bacteria in your mouth.  Place on a cotton swab or use as a mouth wash.  It is another home remedy with multiple uses, so worth incorporating into your disaster plan.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Simple soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and place it on the affected tooth or swish it around your mouth.  It will kill bacteria and provide some pain relief. 

Baking Soda

Backing soda is another substance that provides a simple DIY home remedy for toothache and can be used for many other things.  Try using one tablespoon of baking per half cup of water.  Swish the solution around your mouth and spit it out.  It will remove bacteria and help with pain relief.

Remember, first aid is one of the most important survival skills to master.  Quickly and efficiently dealing with trivial problems like a toothache can save your life in the long run!

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