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10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Survival Skills

10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Survival Skills

In many survival situations, skills matters more than survival equipment.  A survivalist will need a diverse range of skills to deal with what is in front of them. 

You could be lost in a desert, injured after a car crash or lost and hungry in a forest — you will needs skills that are useful in many types of situations.

Because there are so many survival skills to learn, it can difficult to choose one to focus on.  This article will share some hobbies and activities that will improve your survival skills almost immediately!

10) Take an Online First Aid Course

Having first aid knowledge is critical in many survival situations.  If an accident has caused the emergency situation, chances are you or one of your party are injured.  While it is best to obtain face-to-face first aid training, there are also online first aid courses and CPR certification courses that you can enroll in immediately.

In addition to first aid skills, learning which native plants have medicinal properties is a very useful survival skill.  While it is possible to do this by reading books on the topic, it is safer to learn from an experienced bushcraft instructor.  There are bushcraft courses available around the country which you can enroll in today.

9) Research Ways to Find Water in the Wild

Nearly every natural environment has water available if you know where to look.  By reading the lay of the land and recognizing specific types of vegetation, it is possible to narrow down possible locations of water.

You can educate yourself on how to find water by reading books on bushcraft or viewing survivalist videos on the Internet.  However, the key to turning what you learn from “information” into “knowledge” is to actually practice the technique in the real world. 

Once you have learnt about a new method for obtaining water, try it in your back yard or in the wilderness.  You should also use any water purification and filtering gadgets that you have in your survival kit to make sure you are effective with them.

8) Learn How to Forage for Wild Food

Foraging for wild food is a particularly useful survival skill because it can be done without hunting equipment.  In some situations you may not have the gun, knife or bow that you depend on for hunting.  Once you can identify edible foods in the natural environment, you will be much more self-sufficient. 

You can read about naturally occurring foods right now and venture into your back yard to find some.  Of course, you should always be careful about what you eat and avoid eating certain wild foods like fungi until you are more experienced.

Additionally, you should focus on learning how to prepare wild foods.  Pick 3 naturally occurring plant foods and try to find the in the local environment.  Then enjoy them as a part of your meal tonight.

7) Practice Using Your Survival Tools

You may have a cupboard full of survival tools and a survival kit that makes your fellow preppers jealous — but do you understand how it all works?  It’s worthwhile taking an inventory of your survival kit on a regular basis and practice using some of the items to perform various survival tasks. 

Catch a fish from a local river using only the components found within your survival kit — then cook it on a fire you started.  Use your compass to navigate your way through an unfamiliar part of town.  Make sure you understand how your GPS works and that it’s batteries still have plenty of charge.  Build a shelter in the forest near your house.

Having a high level of familiarity with every gadget in your survival kit means that when the worst happens — you have the best chance possible at surviving.

6) Take the Day off and go Fishing!

One of the best survival skills to have is the ability to fish in different environments.

Spend some time fishing in your local waterways to understand what kinds of fish are available and how easy they are to catch.  You will discover how plentiful fish is in the area, what quality the fish are, and how they taste.

It is important to  learn how to catch fish in different environments — lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean.  There are different techniques used for each type of waterway and for different kinds of fish. 

It is also a great idea to learn about spear fishing.  In some survival situations you may be stranded without any fishing tackle and forced to craft a simple spear to catch your dinner.

5) Start a Garden — Right now

While growing your own food isn’t an important skill for short-term emergency situations, it is crucial for off grid living.  If there is a disaster that causes serious social upheaval, you may be without food for a long period.  Only the survivalists who can grow their own food, hunt for food and forage for food will survive.

Jump in the car after reading this article and head to the store for some basic tools, fertilizer and seasonal plants.  Before you know it, you will be enjoying your own produce.

4) Learn Firecraft

Fire craft is the ability to start and maintain a fire.  In a survival situation a fire fulfills a number of roles including:

Providing much-needed warmth which can help you avoid hypothermia

Giving you a way to cook food

Providing light and security

Offering protection from some types of wildlife like

The psychological benefits of a comfortable fire

There are many ways to start a fire, including methods that use sticks, the sun, batteries, flint, or rocks.  Become adept at the different ways of starting a fire.  You can learn the techniques for starting fires from the Internet and start practicing in your back yard right now. 

3) Learn how to Weave

It seems like an unusual skill for a survivalist to learn, but weaving can save your life in a survival situation.  Weaving plants can help you make objects that catch small animals for food, or carry food back to your camp. 

2) Go Camping — Today!

You can read dozens of books on bushcraft, building shelters and starting fires, but nothing is better than real world experience.  You need to get into the wilderness and experiment with different techniques. You may find that you excel at certain survival skills while struggling with others.

You don’t need to go deep into the wilderness to practice survival skills — in fact it is a bad idea to throw yourself into the deep end!  Most survival skills can be practiced in your back yard or at a local camp site. You can practice many survival skills in your back yard including the building of shelter, starting of fires and how to prepare your food without modern conveniences.

The experience you obtain by performing these survival skill in the wilderness is far more useful than information without practical experience.

1) Learn Orienteering

Orienteering is the technical term for traversing through unfamiliar terrain on foot, using simple navigational tools.  It will test your ability to accurately read a map, use a compass and determine your position.  There are orienteering clubs in almost every state of the United States, with enthusiasts who go for weekend adventures and participate in orienteering competitions. 

Just a word of caution — if you decide to go off the beaten track to test your orienteering skills by yourself, make sure you take a well-prepared survival kit that includes communication options and tell other people where you are going!

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