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10 Reasons why it Rocks to Have a Home Aquaponics System

Aquaponics is a re-circulating system that involves the concept of aqua-culture and hydroponics in one process.

The waste material of the fish are first broken down by denitrifying bacteria and then is used to fertilize the plants, which have their roots underwater, and the plants in return provide oxygen to the fishes.

Imagine a “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of a situation, if you will. Below are just a few of the reasons it rocks to have a home aquaponics system:

10) Growth Doesn’t Depend on the Weather

In places where it is hard to find water, this is a big step up. Acres of land ruined because of droughts or the water available scarcely in remote locations is also another huge problem that land farmers have to deal with.

This is not a problem when it comes to Aquaponics since there is no such thing as over watering the plant.

Just fill a tank full of fishes and you’re good.

That water isn’t going to be drained by the thirsty soil, so it isn’t going anywhere.

And then, you can start growing plants that can be used for food.

9) Self Sufficiency

The one biggest advantage that you have is that you can make your own food from the ground up, literally.

With aquaponics, it’s even better because the result is eminent; there is no chance that the plants are going to go bad. 

Its fool proof, you can put food on the table for your family with a guarantee.  Isn’t that a load off? The most basic need that we have is food and water, which we inherently need in order to survive. Aquaponics helps you tick food off that list.

8) No Weeding

Weed can take most of the nutrition of the soil for itself, leaving not enough for the plant to grow healthy in, that’s why you need to take it out.

If you have an aquaponics system in your garden, then don’t sweat about weeding, since weeds can only grow on soil. There’s no soil here, only water and fish. Checkmate.

7) Faster Growth

No weeding means that the plant gets all the nutrients that the soil provides which means that the plant will grow faster.

Not even normal fast, up to 50% faster (depending on which plant you used).

Just imagine, in one season, you can double the output and reduce your input too. I haven’t studied business, but I am sure that that is some good news.

6) No Fertilizing Required

If you would have read the first paragraph thoroughly, you’ll remember that plants are fertilized by the waste product of the fishes in an Aquaponics system.

That would mean that no precious money will be wasted in buying expensive fertilizers and you will still be availing the benefits of home-grown and healthy edible plants. Not just fertilizers, no pesticides, no insecticides, no nothing. Just the water along with some fishes will be fully responsible for the growth of the plant.

5) Healthy Eating

Ever heard of the expression “watch what you’re eating”?

Well that is what’s happening here.

You hear all kinds of stuff on the television about how they have dropped the quality of food production, and that news teams are raiding on areas that produce food under disgusting hygiene conditions.

Well here in aquaponics, you eat what you make, and most of it is vegetables, so how can you go wrong? No more food poisoning, no lies, and no industrialized chemicals.

The only person you can truly trust is you, and if nutrition is what matters to you, Aquaponics is possibly the best way for you to grow food. 

4) Sustainability

The resources in this system do not deplete, as I said earlier, this is a re-circulating system and you don’t need to care much for it.

Keep the fishes alive and the water full of poop and you’re good.

The tank will maintain itself and correct itself.

This mechanism takes place in swamps, lakes and oceans, and they don’t have anyone looking after them now do they?

This is God’s work, enjoy the majesty of it.

3) Eat the Fish If You Wish

I’m sure that you’ll get sick and tired of all the vegetables and you’ll need some meat.

You don’t need to buy it, if you have enough of them, just eat the fish that is available to you in your aquaponic.

Yes, you can do that. I’m sure that the fact that one of them was eaten by their owner will make them poop more; I say it’s better for the plants.

You can populate your tank with multiple varieties of fish too, so that you have access to healthily fed multiple varieties if seafood.

2) Save Space

Aquaponics allow the plants to be more packed together. That saves up a lot of space and spares some for more plants.

Even small fish tanks with plants installed on their roof can work for you, which makes it easy to drain and move around, like when you’re shifting or if you’re going on a vacation.

You can just give it to your friend to keep an eye on it for you.

1) Less Energy, Less Time

No weeds, no pest control, you can save a lot of energy by installing an aquaponic in your house. It is calculated to be up to 70% save energy in comparison to typical ways of growing plants.

An Aquaponics system is the cheapest way to grow your own food and fish, and that too, without much hassle.

Other than energy, you can save time too.

Long hours of weeding and fertilizing, watering, all saved. You can finally catch up on that book you always wanted to read.

Aquaponics is our future if you only think of all the potential it has to offer. All the countries dying of thirst wouldn’t need to waste precious water on farming.

The UAE knows what I’m talking about, they’ve already succeeded in making the world’s largest aquaponic industry, and for the first time in a LONG time, they have started to make their own food. This is a great way to bring in desert areas and dry regions into the fold of food producers too.


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Taylor Knight

Taylor is an ex-army girl. She has vast knowledge in foraging, hunting and fishing.

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