10 Reasons To Become Self Sufficient

Why living off the grid is a great idea

Being self-sufficient has gotten a great deal of skeptical stares.

Generally, the government and local building and zoning commissions try to deflate any enthusiasm that you may have to become a survivalist.

However, there are several reasons why you should become self-sufficient. Here are 7.

1) No Utility bills

One of the greatest reasons to go off the grid is to avoid having any utility bills. If your power is from renewable energy then you do not have electricity.

If you have a well or collect your water from a fresh water source, then you do not have a water bill.

By relieving yourself of these debts, you may be able to quit working that 9-5 job just to pay them.

2) If you do not have a registered address you cannot be found easily

If you go off the grid then a great deal of the frustrations and government involvement in your affairs will cease.

Granted, if you convert over an address which is already registered then you will not see much change. However, if you go off the grid in a survivalist manner you will not have a permanent residence.

Just think of all the frustrating things which require an address (such as jury duty) and you can see why not having one is beneficial.

3) Mandated Healthcare does not have an effect on you

If you are in survivalist mode then you already are equipped to handle your own medical needs.

There is really no need to go to the doctor, or for that matter have health insurance.  What you know will sustain you when you are living off the grid.

What you do not know you can learn (out of necessity if you have to).

4) you will always have food

By being self-sufficient, it is intended that you are able to grow your own food.

You will be able to track game and find vegetation as needed. By doing this, you will no longer have a need for the grocery store.

Financially speaking you will be freed up of a heavy burden, economically speaking you will have the say in how your food is grown, processed, and preserved.

5) You become environmentally responsible

Living off the grid will force you to see your consumption and waste habits. You will quickly come to find that some things are best not consumed, other items are quicker to replenish, and some need to be used in moderation.

As you will not have a garbage man to just haul it all off, you will need to find new uses for some of your waste products.

By having to focus on your environment, you will be more environmentally responsible.

6) Keep knowledge alive

Technology is a good thing in most cases, but it appears that we have become too reliant on our technology for our own good.

Every problem can be solved by googling it. What happens then when the internet goes down and when people are forced into a survivalist situation?

Most people will not know what to do. Going off the grid ensure s that you pass down useful knowledge. I am not saying that the apocalypse will happen tomorrow.

What I am saying is that a person who is self-sufficient when the power and heat goes out can survive where one that is hooked up to only the internet and television will freeze to death waiting on the network to kick in.

7) You keep your sanity longer

Experts have proven that stimulation of the brain through creative activities and problem solving is a major deterrent from mental decay.

Off grid living requires that you solve problems every day and that you think of new and inventive ways in which to get things done.

As you are not relying upon the “traditional” methods of creating tools, collecting water, and providing food, your mind will always be active, and that is what will keep you sane.

8) You will reduce illnesses caused by being out of shape

Becoming Self Sufficient is hard work, but rewarding. You will be required to do physical labor every day.

As you will always be active in one way of another, you will probably be in the peak health condition.

Most illnesses are caused by obesity and from poor food consumption. Since your food will be grown naturally and you will be exercising regularly, many of these conditions will be avoided.

9) No Sales Calls

Want to get rid of your phone ringing off the hook with politicians wanting your vote, unintelligent telemarketers trying to sell you something, and of course those needing your financial support for any number of issues, then go off the grid. No phone, no phone calls.

This is not to say that you cannot have communication with the outside world. CV radios, ham radios, letters, and yes face-to-face interactions are all encouraged.

10) Your need to follow ridiculous legislation is reduced/eliminated

Urban living has so many laws that are just plain… well… dumb. These laws infringe upon the civil liberties and the constitutional rights of the individuals.

In an off the grid living environment, you will still be subject to the law, but in reality no one is going to be breathing down your throat looking for you to run a red light, commit a hate crime with your opinion, arrest you for indecent exposure if you decide to go skinny dipping in the river (unless of course you live right next to someone), or take away your weapons.

You will be in the wild and unless you do something morally and lawfully outrageous (such as murder) then the government and everyone else will pretty much leave you be.

These are just 10 out of hundreds of reasons why being you should become self-sufficient.

Find out what the number one frustration is in your life is and the odds are that self-sufficient living can fix that problem.

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