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10 Reasons Civilization May Collapse Because Of Your Survival Gear

If the fate of the world rested on your shoulders would we all die?

So, the world has turned upside down and there is pandemonium in the streets.

Thankfully, you have a bug out plan and survival gear to ensure that civilization can go on, but wait.

It appears that your survival gear has just been thrown together based upon movies and television hype.

You planned for a zombie invasion but failed to think of practical and realistic gear. We are all doomed!

Here are 10 reasons why your survival gear would cause the collapse of civilization if the fate of the world depended upon you.

1) You bought a novelty product

With all of the post-apocalyptic television shows and hype, many people are planning on becoming survivalists.

The problem is that great deals of these people buy their survival gear from the movie franchise.

Where it may be visually appealing to have the machete that took on the Walking Dead, the functionality and the durability of such a product is probably lacking.

You need to ensure that your survival kit is actually meant for real world survival and is not just a novelty product.

2) You packed water but no water filter

There are essentials that you must have in order to survive. These are food, water, shelter, and heat.

Your water is going to be the main element needed for survival. In your pack if you have only the recommended 3 liters of water, but fail to have a method of filtering and purifying the water around you for when those bottles run dry, then you are destined for failure.

Off grid living strategies need to have water filters and water purification at the top of the list.

You can use a purification straw, purification pills, or a water filtration system. Ensure that you have filters for both fresh water and salt water.

3) You Packed for a Day trip and not for the long haul

Pre-made survival kits are intended for 72 hours max. This means that if you have not customized your bag for long term survival, you will be in bad shape after 3 days.

When you buy survival gear, you need to ensure that you have not only the essentials to keep you alive temporarily, but the tools to sustain you once those supplies run out.

4)  You only packed matches

Matches are not a survival tool. Many would disagree, but I stand firm on this. Matches are a temporary solution to your need for heat.

However, unless you have strike anywhere matches you are at the mercy of the magnesium strip on the box. If you pack strike anywhere matches you are limited to the supply of matches.

What do you do when they run out?

A good bag will not only have matches but will also have flint and steel, or the tools to make a bowdrill so that you make a fire anytime, anywhere.

5)  Your pack is filled with sugary Junk food

Just because something is labeled “survival food” does not mean that it is.

You need to look at the labels of the food to ensure that (1) they do not expire quickly and (2) that the contents will actually sustain you.

If you find that your food is primarily made out of sugars, corn syrups, and other junk then you need to find better food.

Keep in mind that in a survivalist situation you will need to travel a vast space. This means that you will need to have sustainable food to keep you mobile.

It is best to have MREs or dehydrated foods in your pack.

6)  You brought a gun to a knife fight

You will find that many prepper sites focus on guns and buying guns and ammunition.

Yet, if you neglect to pack a knife because you just thought a knife was a sorry excuse for a weapon over a gun, you have just brought a gun to a knife fight.

Your knife is you main tool. You will need it for cleaning your game, making tools, and about for every other survivalist technique.

Yes, you may opt in to having a gun, but do not neglect your knife and your axe. These two tools will ensure your survival. A gun is only useful so long as you have bullets.

7) You forgot to pack a plant guide

Your survivalist training will only get you so far when you are off grid living, especially if you navigate to an unknown terrain.

If you fail to pack a herb and plant guide you may find yourself dying from digesting a poisonous berry or in hives from using poison sumac as toilet paper.

8) You forget to pack a compass and have no natural navigation skills

A compass is paramount to navigation so long as you also have the natural navigational skills to get you where you need to go.

Failure to have a compass in your survival gear is a bad mistake.

The number one reason that people will not survive in a catastrophic even is that they cannot navigate to water, find game trails, and that the simply go around in circles while trying to find those essentials unsuccessfully.

9) You either forgot to pack clothes or only packed one extra set

I have seen a great many people get so caught up with the tools and the food for their survival gear, that they fail to pack clothing, or they only pack one extra set.

Unless you are planning on making clothing from deerskins or other large game, then you will need to have clothing.

Ensure that it is practical clothes (plenty of socks, a pair of long pants with pockets, and t-shirts) which can be used once they are no longer fit to be worn.

10) You broadcasted what was in your pack and your plan

Regardless of how good of a pack or a plan you have, if you tell others of the contents of your survival gear as well as your disaster/bug out plan, you have set yourself up to fail.

In a survivalist situation those without will seek out those which have.

Where does your bag stand currently?

Could it save us all or have you set yourself up for failure?

The good news is that we are not yet in a survivalist state and that you can repack your gear practically with functionality and the long haul in mind.

Who knows, it may be you that the world is depending on.

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