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What is the Ecocapsule and How Can it Help You Become Self-Sufficient

What is the Ecocapsule and How Can it Help You Become Self-sufficient

When most people think about self-sufficient and off grid homes, they tend to think of small rustic cabins.  Ramshackle buildings crafted using lumber from a nearby forest and gradually improved over time.

The Ecocapsule is an off-grid home that is worlds apart from a rustic log cabin.  Created by Nice Architects, the Ecocapsule is a portable solar and wind-powered home, which has been designed from the ground up to be self-sufficient.  Available for sale in late-2015, this egg-shaped building is small in size but packed with useful features for anyone who wishes to be self-sufficient and live off the grid.

Here is a brief rundown of the features of the Ecocapsule and how it is a great little building for anyone interested in becoming self-sufficient.


The Ecocapsule has been referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of tiny homes, because of the numerous features it incorporates in its small footprint.  Nice Architects claim that it has “all essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or re-supply”.

The Ecocapsule provides a weather tight enclosure that includes a comfortable double bed, running water, indoor toilet, and cooking facilities — all of which can be considered luxurious when it comes to portable off-grid homes.

The home includes:

  • A kitchenette with countertop, full sized sink and dual gas burners
  • A comfortable double bed
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Biowaste collecting toilet
  • Large amounts of storage inside and outside
  • Modern design features
  • Rainwater tank
  • Solar Power on the roof
  • Wind power turbine

These facilities are all packed into a tiny egg-shaped frame that is 2.55 meters high, 4.45 meters long and 2.25 meters wide.  The total living space comes in at approximately eight square meters (86 square feet).  The capsule can comfortably house two adults, however, there is enough space for a small child to squeeze in as well.

The Ecocapsule weighs approximately 1500kg and can be easily towed with a trailer, placed inside a shipping container, or airlifted.  The ease with which it can be transported are also a major selling point — the manufacturers claim if can even be pulled into place using a pack animal.


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Renewable Energy
All modern off-grid homes must have some capacity for creating renewable energy.  The Ecocapsule excels in this category, with 600W of solar power output installed and 750W of wind power output through a connected wind turbine. 

The Ecocapsule gathers solar power via the 2.6m² of high-efficiency solar cells that cover the roof of the building.  The wind turbine is retractable and easy to reposition when the wind direction changes.

The battery that comes with the Ecocapsule has a capacity of 9744Wh.  The Ecocapsule can also be plugged into your electric car to receive power while it is being driven to another location.  The dual power system also allows you to use other power sources in times of low sunlight and wind.

Overall, the Ecocapsule provides a renewable energy system that should perform adequately for most parts of the world which receive a moderate amount of sun.

How it Can Help You Become Self-sufficient
The designers of the Ecocapsule suggest that the home’s portability, flexibility and off-grid capabilities make it perfect for a number of uses including:

  • Research stations
  • Tourist lodges
  • Emergency housing
  • Humanitarian outpost
  • Wilderness outpost
  • Holiday home
  • Urban home for single people in high-rent areas

For people interested in living off the grid, the Ecocapsule presents a simpler solution than building or renovating a home to be off grid. 

It allows someone interested in living off the grid to get started very quickly and easily.  Apart from selecting where to place the Ecocapsule and what items to take along, most of the work is already done.

Survivalists might be also interested in the Ecocapsule because it can be air-lifted into remote environments. 

It could provide a survivalist with another location to use in the event of societal upheaval or a natural disaster. 

Having multiple Ecocapsules could allow a survivalist to have a number of locations that are already prepped for habitation.

For people concerned about your environmental footprint, the Ecocapsule is also an ideal choice because it also causes minimal impact on the natural environment. It has a small footprint and allows you become self-sufficient very quickly.

With its renewable energy capabilities, the Ecocapsule helps you to collect some of the resources you will require to be self-sufficient. 

The Ecocapsule also gathers rain water and dew that lands on the roof.  The water is filtered and collected in a large tank beneath the home.

The designers of the Ecocapsule have finished their functional prototype and are currently creating the production facilities necessary for mass production. 

The first Ecocapsule will roll off the production line in early to mid-2016. 

There will be one version of the Ecocapsule on launch, with the designers planning to add customization options at a later date.

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