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Top 10 Strange Ways to Become Self-Sufficient

Ways which are a bit unorthodox but are effective for off grid living

Off grid living requires a level of creativity which most people do not possess. There is the fact that you are relying on nature and natural resources which plays the most vital part in your day to day actives.

From eating to finding food and water, you will have to be a bit more than just the average guy (or girl) in order to be self-sufficient.

Here are 10 strange ways to become so.

10) Buy a goat

It may sound a bit weird, but a goat is a great way to become self-sufficient.

They are nature’s lawnmower.


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Quite literally, a group of goats can clear 4 acres of thick vines and brush in a matter of weeks.

Apart from their digestive habits (and they eat about anything), you will find that a goat can provide you with milk, substance to make soap, a nice skin for clothes, and a cheaper form of meat then say a cow or other large livestock.

You will need to keep in mind that goats LOVE to wander, so your gate will need to be secured constantly.

9) Make your own soaps

You will need a few ingredients in which to do this.

Depending upon the type of soap that you make (oatmeal, goat milk, or ash soap) you will need different equipment.

However, most of this equipment can either be bought for cheap or made from household items.

When making soap consider that all methods do require a cooking and a sitting time.

You will need to dedicate an area apart from contaminants in order to perform the task.

8) Make a rainwater shower

Do you want to save on your water consumption?

One way in which you can be a more conscientious survivalist is to make your own outdoor shower.

First, you will need to have a large metal container to capture the water in. If you want to have hot and cold water use 2 containers.

The hot water should be in a black metal drum.

Connect your water using piping and a turn valve to regulate the water flow.

All you need to do then is mount it up and collect the water.

7)  Keep your Waste

Depending on the area in which you live, you may be able to dispose of your waste without the use of a septic tank.

Your waste can be used as fertilizer once it has dried out. You can also use the waste from other animals as fertilizer.

Remember when doing so that you will want to mix the waste with the topsoil for the most minerals to be provided to your vegetation.

You will also want to keep in mind that fertilizer does have a very pungent smell so diluting the waste with your compost may minimize that smell.

6) Make a rainwater irrigation system

To make a rainwater irrigation system, you will need to start at a high point and stair step downward with your pipes.

The pipes need to be slightly perforated in order to allow the water to trickle out. Basically, you are going to create a gutter system with holes in it.

When it rains the water will be dispersed.

When you are in a dry spell, use collected rainwater by pouring it slowly from the highest point and letting gravity do the rest.

5) Make a windmill

You do not have to have a wind turbine to have wind power. You can construct a simple windmill (or a complex one) to serve various functions.

For example: A simple pulley system on a windmill can provide you with a rotating laundry line.

Adding a larger windmill can be used to grind small amounts of corn or seed.

Depending upon the size and construction, you can meet a great deal of your needs.

4) Make homemade wine and Cheese

If you want to have self-sufficiency with a bit of luxury, make your own wine and cheeses. It is not a daunting task and involves very little contents in order to get them done.

With wine, you will need to ferment whatever fruit you chose to be your primary flavor.

You should conduct a bit of research and watch a great deal of videos before you start.

If possible, have someone show you the process as you are working with mold and fermented food.

3) Make a solar powered AC/Fan

All you will need to make your fan is a 5 gallon bucket, some ice, and a solar panel.

You will have to use your skills in knowing green from red (or positive from negative) in order to complete this task as you will have to wire the solar panel to the fan.

Other than that the method is quite easy.

See the step by steps method here: 

2) Put a brick in your toilet tank

This is an old trick but a good one.

For those that are not in a wilderness survival situation and want to cut down on their water consumption, put a brick in your toilet tank in order to raise the water level.

It actually takes a whole lot less water then you may think to flush a toilet. However, most toilets are just pumped out at a certain size and consume the “standard” amount of water.

1) Use a Aquaponics system

People may look at you a bit strange if you start the set-up process, but this is the best way in which you can be self-sufficient.

The system gives you fish as well as vegetation. Apart from regulating the PH levels and feeding the fish with floating food, you really have nothing to worry about and the food keeps on coming in.

These are but three strange ways in which you can become self-sufficient.

Of course, I am sure that you can think of your own spin on things.

Creativity is the key to your survival so embrace new ideas, try new things, and see where you will go.

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