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Top 10 Most Influential Survivalist Bloggers

I’ve written about bug out bags, food preservation, fishing tips, water purification and various other survivalist tips. Now it’s time to talk about other bloggers. This post is all about survivalists who take time out of their busy schedule to blog/video blog in order to help other people learn. Finding the most influential survivalist bloggers is no easy task, there’s no real scale to measure influence, it’s all about the most popular blogs and most talented survivalists and I think i’ve nailed it. The order is put together depending on how much I use a site, how easy it is to navigate and how good the content is, but if you think we’ve missed a site you love, let us know in a comment at the bottom.

10. The Survival Blog

Jim Rawles’ Survival Blog is one of our favorite blogs and for good reason. He writes interesting articles and his reader’s submissions are excellent. Jim has had his blog up since July 2005 and has had over 65 MILLION unique visits to his blog since then. He’s averaging more than 320,000 unique visits per week. He has some great content and we highly recommend checking out The Survival Blog.



9. The Survival Mom 

Lisa aka The Survival Mom, is an awesome resource for modern families into survivalist prepping. As a lot of you are aware, the word “survivalist” usually brings to mind men with their guns out in the wilderness, but The Survival Mom provides regular people with some great tips for prepping in everyday life.  (Like the Survival Mom Vehicle Kit)

The Survival Mom


8.  Survival Life

Survival Life’s mission is to be the best survival blog providing a vast array of knowledge, tactics, and skills in the survival and preparedness fields. The blog posts that they are putting out on a daily basis are terrific. They really have done a great job with finding content creators and are really helping to bring awareness to survivalist prepping.

Survival Life


7. Bug Out Survival

Scott, the owner of Bug Out Survival, doesn’t publish articles as often as other bloggers. The bright side of this is that when he does post blogs, they are extremely high quality. Scott is an experienced outdoorsman and a sailor who takes a very unique and analytical look at Bugging Out problems we face and provides solutions to help us prepare. We love when Scott posts because we can always get value from his posts.

Bug Out Survival


6. SHTF Blog

The SHTF Blog is updated often and provides a lot of great reads by their content creators Jarhead Survivor, Rangerman and Calamity Jane. These guys are the real deal and that’s why they named it SHTF Blog 😉 Some of our favorite articles from them include: 10 Best Guns for SHTF and How to Make a Humble Hobo Stove 


5. Modern Survival Online

Modern Survival Online has been around since July 15, 2010 and has had over 3.4 Million unique visits since then. That goes to show you how consistent Rourke has been with putting out good content. Modern Survival Online has a great section on his site called “Survival Database Downloads” which is currently on the right side of the site. Check it out for a huge list of great information from Rourke by checking that out today.

Modern Survival Online


4. Tactical Intelligence

Erich is the creator of Tactical Intelligence and wanted to provide the world with an open forum of knowledge relating to emergency preparedness, personal security, modern and primitive means of survival and self-reliance. He still considers himself a student even with his extensive knowledge, which is something we really like about him. He’s constantly learning and improving his blog posts to help you learn more.

Tactical Intelligence

 3. Survival Cache

Survival Cache is constantly discussing survival strategies, reviewing survival gear, tactical gear and weapons so you and your family will be prepared for anything. Their team has very diverse backgrounds, everything from special forces to rocket scientists and even super hardcore preppers, they’ve covered all the bases.

Survival Cache

2. Off grid Survival

Off grid survival was created to be a resource for people who are interested in all types of survival topics and off grid living. Their site is updated on a daily basis so there is always new articles and posts to keep you learning. Rob believes that knowledge is the key to survival and that without knowledge you don’t stand a chance. Rob is an avid hiker and backpacker with over 20 years of wilderness survival experience. He’s an emergency communications specialist and licensed Ham Radio Operator, Emergency Preparedness Consultant and is trained in martial arts and tactical self defense.

Off Grid Survival

1. The Homestead Survival

Homesteading means a back to the land movement, learning real skills that are becoming a lost art form, recognizing what nature offers, creating food storage through different food preservation methods, growing your own food through organic gardening and fruit and nut orchards, learning how to work with the land instead of against it, embracing hard work and in the end gaining a strong sense of self. Deep satisfaction and independence is earned by the people willing to devote themselves to it’s pursuit.

The Homestead Survival


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