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Scavenging For Food: Post Apocalypse

Scavenging for food

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What you need to know to find food in an Urban Survival Situation

Post apocalypse tends to bring to mind a great many images from Hollywood. Perhaps you see Will Smith in “I am Legend” or you see images of “The Walking Dead when you hear the term.

Both of these are, of course, completely unrealistic images of what will occur should we be faced with a catastrophic event.

As you make your disaster preparedness plan and hone your survivalist skills, you should take considerations as to where you will be able to scavenge for food should a manmade urban situation occur.

Do not go to the Grocery Store

You may think that the best place to plan your food survival strategies would be a grocery store. They are packed with food and they are pretty abundant.

Yet, this is a bad strategy.

First, in an event that there is an apocalyptic event and the military seizes control of “order” then the first thing which will happen is that grocery stores and all other major distributors of food will become the “property of the government”.

This means that your chances of getting the food without a fight or paying extraordinary costs for it are bleak.

Your best bet if you need to get some food quickly is to seek out the small mom and pop stores.

Stores which provide food but do not have an abundance of groceries will have a greater probability of being overlooked in the event of mass looting and government seizure.

Go to an apartment complex

Realistically, our foods will not all spoil on the same day and neither will our food supply evaporate into thin air.

It will be true that a great many people will be forced from their homes (either willingly or by necessity) leaving their pantries unattended.

This is the perfect spot in which to find some food.

Apartments are ideal as they will provide you with multiple residences to search out for your food supplies.

Keep in mind that the “higher class” apartments and condos may have the best selections of food, but they will also draw the most people to them (not for the food but for the looting).

Your best bet is to look for medium to low grade apartments.

People will not really be looking to loot the ghetto or break into the average apartment complex.

However, these people have to eat like everyone else. Abandoned apartments here will be a treasure trove of resources.

Go to the outskirts of town

View an apocalyptic event like a ripple in a pond.

The majority of the chaos and looting is going to be in the central location of the urban setting.

The government and most individuals will be focused on the high population areas first, the government buildings second,  the grocery stores and pawnshops third, and then they will start moving outward to the residential buildings.

The last people to be effected will be those on the outskirts.

Look for fields

Generally, if you find a location with a great many fields, you will find livestock somewhere.

Now, I am not saying that you should try to take a cow or any large animal like that (unless of course the site is abandoned and you need the meat), but I am stating that in any place where there is livestock, there is feed, and where you may not want to eat it, you may have to.

Look for feed that is corn based. Also look for seed. If you can find seed then you can grow your own food.

When you look for fields, also look for abandon tractors and farming equipment. If you find these then the field is more than likely a farm like harvest.

Where they may harvest hay, cotton, or other uneatable crops, your chances of finding at least one crop which has a supply of food is probable.

Go to the Dump

If you live in a major urban area (such as New York) then you will know that great deals of usable products are simply discarded because a person does not want them anymore.

If you are starving and having to look for food, one of the easiest places to find it will be the dump.

You should realize that you will have to do a bit of searching.

Most of the food that you find will NOT be able to be eaten without putting yourself at risk for disease.

However, you should look around for things like cereal, grains, canned goods which were discarded because the can was bent (grocery stores usually cannot sell products which are too dinged up), and such.

I would not recommend that you look for any meats here, but you should be able to find something to keep you alive.

Look for houses with closed in garages

If you are in an urban area that has many suburbs, then your food supply may be easier to find then you may think.

multi car garage

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Look for houses which have multi-car sealed in garages.

Typically, these houses are those which have children or who have the need for large storage space (granted there are some that just want it for show). 

Garages that have a great deal of space and show signs of the former residence having children are apt to have a freezer or refrigerator in the garage. Looking into these locations may provide you with a supply of meat.

The point is that in a post-apocalyptic situation, there will be places to find food.

It is not going to be like the movies where all the food just becomes rancid and moldy in a day.

Nor will it be that everyone will eat up their whole supply of food and that there will not be houses which have pantries of untouched food.

You just need to know where to look.

Your emergency plan should focus on the areas which are more apt to have food while at the same time having very minimal risks of running into someone securing that food source. (1)

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