Obama Administration Won’t Say If We’re At War Or Not, Looks Like ISIS Has Done It For Them


Not even a week after Obama’s speech announcing plans to send non-combat troops to respond to the threat of ISIS, the terror group replied by releasing the above – rather cheesy – video.

In the movie-trailer style video called “Flames of War,” ISIS featured the killing of American troops and civilians, mocking of Obama, and a declaration that “the fighting has just begun.”

Americans’ responses to the video ranged from anger to fear to mockery, but the general consensus was that it appeared to be a declaration of war. Many felt that it is a response to Obama’s ISIS strategy, while others feel it was a reaction to a speech by General Dempsey, who recently stated that he wouldn’t rule out of the option of boots on the ground to fight ISIS.

With ISIS murdering two Americans in cold blood already, this video just seems to give more reason to why the Islamic State needs to be stopped.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 4.00.25 PM

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