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How to Talk To Your Spouse About Prepping

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Talking to your spouse about prepping should not be something that you feel insecure about, but just in case you do, we have a few pointers for you. From taking a subtle step into the conversation to eventually becoming a full-blown prepping machine, these conversational starting points can help your significant other ease into the prepping world.


1. Do not Claim that the World is Ending!

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While you may believe that the world is coming to an end, a horrible natural disaster is going to strike, the zombie apocalypse or even civil war is going to ensue, you should not use that as a conversation starter. Be careful and subtle when you are explaining to your spouse, and this will go a long way. Instead of saying “Let’s cash in our bank account for gold and move to the mountains,” you should start by talking about falling upon hard times. It is much easier to explain that you would like to start saving because the economy is terrible and you are afraid that your job security is no longer there.


2. Start with the Basics


Okay, so you believe that another country is going to go nuclear on us. Well, your spouse may think that you have gone off your rocker if you start digging a bunker hole in your back yard. Explain to your spouse that while the two of you gather food, toiletries, medications and other essentials, the two of you may also need to collect a few other necessary items. In time, you can bring up the idea of purchasing a safe location. By getting your spouse involved in the decision-making experience, you will be allowing you (as a couple) to become familiar with each other, different locations and even start planning an escape route.


3. Watch TV

I bet that you don’t hear that very often! The truth is that there are tons of reality shows that explain what prepping is all about. From couponing for materials to building your perfect safe haven, you can find a show that your significant other will be interested in. On the other end of the spectrum, you do not want to bombard your spouse with program after program after program because he or she may decide that it is just not worth the time and effort.


4. Romantic Weekend Getaway


Even a romantic weekend getaway can be turned into a survivalist challenge. Take your spouse camping, catch your own food, pitch a tent, make your own fire and watch the sunset together. Somewhere along the way, you could easily slip the idea into the conversation. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do this all of the time?” It’s not that hard to plant a seed, but it will take nurturing, persuasion and encouragement to grow into a prepping lifestyle.


5. Give away Control of the Conversation

Once you plant the idea, step back for a moment. While you are scared of what your spouse may say or think, your spouse may have been trying to think of a way to bring up the same conversation with you. With everything that is going on in the world, it is almost impossible to not see that there will be a need for some survivalist and prepping strategies in the near future. More often than not, your spouse will have been watching the news when you were, seeing the posts that you share and like on social media outlets and has the same friends as you, so it is very likely that he or she is already on the same page.


When all of those fail, think about one thing. In a SHTF scenario, someone is going to have to stand up and take control of the situation. Look at the conversation like it is the first step to becoming a prepper or survivalist. Take it back to the caveman era, if necessary by stating “Me Jack. You Jane. We preppers.” While most spouses might not take too kindly to this approach, the conversation HAS to start somewhere.


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